Christmas Horror Movies Part 5

Silent Night Deadly Night

In 1984 a small little horror movie came out during the Holiday season that was considered the last straw with slasher films for moms across America. This helped one of the tag lines connect to the film The film They tried to ban this movie because of the use of Santa Claus as a Serial Killer. This movie depicted a killer Santa cutting up teenagers. The movie was the third or fourth film to use X-mas as the stage for a slasher movie.  The movie revolves around a man trying to get revenge on Christmas Eve  by going after there kids years later. The movie has been released on dvd twice. The second dvd release was last year and is the better recommendation. SNDL was the only x-mas and for that matter Holiday Horror movie outside Halloween to spawn multiple sequels.

There are 4 other films in the series SNDL2, SNDL3 Better Watch Out, SNDL4 Initiation. SNDL5 The Toy Maker. The only one I can really recommend is part 1.  A remake was on the way but was halted and we never heard anymore about it.



Tonight in studio JG Silva and his wife Christin. They will be discussing the history of there creation Axeous and promoting there book Hords in the Beginning. Go to to check out more info about them and there weird and frightnign robot.

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December Horror TV Spotlite

Every month we are going to start spotlighting shows once a month. Reason being is there are SOOOOO many shows its hard to keep up.

Dexter–The season 4 ending was so shocking it was reminiscent of Dexter’s birth. A baptism of Blood if you will. John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer was downright creepy and weird. Deborah finding out who Dexter’s mother and brother were awesome. But the ending that last scene was off the top. Check out this week’s TV guide to read an interview with the victim.

Doctor Who— All month-long on BBC America they are broadcasting the Doctor Who Specials Planet of the Dead, The Waters of Mars and The End of Time. The creepy one and I mean UBER Creepy is Waters of Mars. OOOOOO It really freaked me out.  After this David Tenet steps down and Matt SMith takes over as the 11th Doctor.

The Witches of Eastwick–Based on the 1988 movie of the same name, It got cancelled I never watched it too bad so sad.

DollHouse–Poor Joss Whedon can’t keep a TV show on the air if his life depended on it. It’s not fair , this was a good show better than Firefly. He needs to move away from Fox and put this on sci-fi no wait they hate good shows too now that they are called SYFY. How about a bunch of direct to dvd movies, like they do in Japan.



In Oct a movie came and went so fast no one saw it but Stephen King it seems. It’s strange how a movie staring Chris Pine, (hot off his role in Star Trek playing the young Captain James T. Kirk) had little to no press for this movie. The second is Stephen King said he loved this movie in his Entertainment Weekly article. The movie is about a virus that makes you very sick and gives you a bad rash and is contagious by touch. Other than that its the drama the characters go thru to survive in a fracked up world. There are no Zombies, no Rage, no Mutants. It’s a movie of survival and what you would do to protect yourself in a world gone dead. Pine should get credit for the different role he plays in this compared to Star Trek. He turns from being the Asshole hero to a victim in this movie in a way you just feel like crap after watching it. It just came on dvd and there is no bonus material on it. Rent it tho its worth watching.

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Christmas Horror Movies Part 4

Many horror themed tv shows have had a Christmas episode or two here is my pics of the best,  or at least what I could think of.

A Supernatural Christmas Special–Sam and Dean fight a couple of Pagan Gods pretending to be St.Nick on Christmas while remembering the Christmas they had growing up. This one I highly recommend its on the S3 box set.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer–The First a big villain later in season 7 tries to get Angel to commit suicide. This is kinda sappy but it introduced The First who was a pain in the ass later on. This episode is on the S3 box set.

Mystery Science Theater 3000— One with Joel,  Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, a bunch of Martians kidnap Santa to bring Christmas to Mars. One with Mike simply called Santa Claus. In this one Santa teams up with Merlin the Magian to fight Satan. Ok yeah its funny when you watch it with Mike and the Bots. Both are on dvd the Mike episode was just released.

Tales from The Crypt–The Crypt Keeper spins a tale of a killer Santa killing people on Christmas Eve. This episode is on the S1 box set.

The Real Ghostbusters–The GB accidentlychange the future and  destroy Christmas by capturing the Ghosts of X-mas Past,present and Yet to come. This episode is in the Complete Series box set.

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Jan-Feb 2010 Events

We have a lot of stuff coming in 2010

Two Weeks of Mystery theater
We will be at Arisia 2010 Jan 15-17
Come to the Entertainment Cinemas in Leominster Ma for our events for films like Daybreakers and Legion and The Wolfman. You can pick up some great posters or

We will have some great guests coming on the show.
Upcoming Horror and Sci-Fi guests

Director Brian Pullido
Gardner Dozois a Sci-Fi writer appearing at Arisia
Joe Schreiber Author of Death Troopers. Thanks to Del Ray books for booking him for us.
Doug Jones star of Legion
Christopher Golden former Buffy Writer and a Horror Fantasy Writer

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Brittany Murphy Dies Dies at 32

Even tho she was not as well-known as her co-star of the hit Clueless Alicia Silverstone. BM is best known to horror fans as the heroine in the movie Cherry Falls a Direct to DVD movie about a serial killer that kills virgins trying to lose their virginity.  Her co-star in the movie was Micheal Bien of Terminator fame.  Her cause of death is unknown.  This and Don’t say a Word with Michael Douglas was her two only horror movies. She will be sadly missed.

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Avatar or the Return of James Cameron

Avatar has to be one of the most anticipated films in years, mainly do to the return of James Cameron to cinema. So many people have given this movie negative reviews even before they saw this movie in theaters. This was mainly do to the fact that James Cameron had not made a movie since 1997 Titanic. Just because of that this means he lost his edge. He did bring us ALiens, Terminator, Terminator 2, and True Lies, all great films in their own right. I guess some people feel every director needs one failure in his career. After seeing this film it can’t be Avatar.

Cameron is one of those directors that uses the same stars in most of his films. This I think helps him to make a great film. Just look at how many films Arnold did with him. In this movie he reteams with Sigourney Weaver from Aliens. This time in a supporting role along side Sam Worthington. Worthington is hot his role from Terminator Salvation. So he kinda owes something to the director, since Cameron created the Terminator franchise.THe movie is about a paraplegic who uses the body of an Alien bio created called an Avatar to convince or trick the indigenous people of the planet to relocate or the military will come in and take it from them. I really enjoyed the plot of this movie. I am usually very picky about my sci-fi but this I have to say I gave it a chance and it paid off.   Cameron uses something called Fusion Camera System this is a new high def way to shoot 3-d films. He used it in Ghosts of the Abyss. I can’t wait to see Sam Worthington in more films down the road like the upcoming remake of Clash of the Titans.  This movie has to be seen in 3-d. I have heard the digital 3-d is not nearly as good as that presented Imax.  If you can’t get to an Imax then go see it in 3-d don’t settle for the non 3-d version.

We saw this movie at the Entertainment Cinema in Downtown Leominster Ma. The digital 3-d is superb and you should definitely check it out.

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Christmas Horror Movies Part 3

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In 1993 we were brought to a world not seen since the days of stop motion animation and claymation. Tim Burton meshed two of the biggest Holidays together in a wy no one thought possible. Nightmare before X-mas stared Chris Sarandon and Catherine O Hara. It was about a lovable townsman named Jack Skelington who lives in the town of
Halloween and discovers Christmas and wants to bring it to all the people of Halloween. In doing so he gets Santa Claus kidnapped and nearly destroys Christmas for the rest of the world.  The music is done by Danny Elfman and does  superb job of it. In later years Fall out boy and Marilyn Manson and many others have covered the songs on the soundtrack. The two biggest songs you may hear on the radio a lot are Whats This and This is Halloween.  The film has been released on dvd several times with loads of great bonus material. The dvd even includes a short called Frankenweenie which is about a Frankenstein type dog. The animation is early use of the style found in Nightmare.

There has been no sequel but Jack does show up in Kingdom Hearts video games for the PS2 and Nintendo DS. In 2004 Nightmare returned to the big screen for a 3-d showing. It was such a huge hit, every Halloween it is shown in 3-d in theaters that carry it.

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Christmas Horror Movies Part 2

Black X-mas 

In 1974 a little Horror movie from Canada came out that predates Halloween for the beginning of the slasher film genre called Black Christmas.  This film was directed by Bob Clark the same guy who directed The Christmas Story. Weird huh???  The title was changed to Silent Night Evil Night but changed back to Black X-mas. This was due to the political bs involving the word Black and how it related to African Americans.  This had nothing to do with the movie so they changed it back. This was  dark grimly shot little movie staring nobody other than a young Margot Kidder, and directed by Bob Clark. It’s about a group of sorority girls trapped in the house during Christmas eve  and a serial killer who used to live there is making absence phone calls and stalking them.  The creepiness of this film lives on tody and even watching it for the first time  few years ago I generally enjoyed it. It really gave you a sence of the danger these girls were in. The language used in this film is so off the top for 1974, with the way the killer talks to these girls its just too dirty to even repeat.  The tag line “If this film does not make your skin crawl its on too tight”, comes from the first victim being choked to death with wrapping paper and X-mas lights. The film did very well only costing 600,000 and grossing 4mil. This was the first in a long line of killer holiday films. I highly recommend it. The dvd has a decent amount of bonus material. I recommend the one from 2006 it really cleaned up the film quality and sound.

In 2006 we got  a dreadful remake staring Mary Elizabeth  Winstead Lacy Chabert Michelle Trachenberg and Katie Cassidy.  This time they explain WAY too much of the killers back story and they make the movie way too glossy. This was also made in America this time not Canada. So it has that really Hollywood appeal to it.  It failed at the box office and should not be watched. It’s on dvd with moderate bonus material. It’s a good example of why certain horror movies don’t need to be remade.

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Christmas Horror Movies Part 1

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing X-Mas horror movies. This will include 5 silent Night films and 4 Random other Horror movies. ALso some interesting TV shows that are horror related and Christmas related.

Tonight will be GREMLINS

Its kind of Christmas movie in the sence it takes place at that time of the year. The movie stars Zack Gallagan Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman. Zack plays Billy a kid who gets a adorable Mogwai as a gift from his dad. His dad stole him form  shop in China town and was told three rules never get him wet never feed him after midnight nd never expose him to sunlight. Of course Billy breaks all those rules and hell breaks loose on a small town on Christmas Eve. Gizmo multiplies into hundreds of demented gremlins and they get all green and sticky and just plain mean. This Movie uses some of the best puppet work since the Star Wars movies and we really never see anything like it today, unless u count the Muppets. Frank Welker plays the voice of the lead gremlin Stripe. He was best known for Megatron from Transformers and Dr.Claw in Inspector Gadget. The things the Gremlins do in this movie are so over the top its unbelievable. They kill the only real villain in the movie. A mean old bitch who gets her just deserts for being such a horrible human being . She wanted to kill Billy’s dog so the gremlins can’t be all that bad. They seem more like wanting to cause mischief than being evil. The movie was released on dvd in a decent special edition. A sequel was made  2 the new batch. check them both out on dvd.


Left for Dead 2

Sorry for the lateness, I finally was able to tear my eyes away from my xbox360 long enough to talk about Left For Dead 2. If you’re not aware, LFD follows a simple plotline. You are part of a team (you can play as any of the characters) who is left behind. They have to fight their way from point A to point B all while killing zombies. Not just sny old zombies either, you gotta fend off the “special” zombies.
We now have Jockey’s, mutated zombies that jump on your back and take you down. We also have zombies in riot gear and zombies in hazmat suits.
Here’s why it’s better than the first one:
-Better co-op online gaming. There are more mini-challenges within each level (trust me, the carnival level will make you pull your hair out), and as before, you can play as either a team member or a special zombie.
-MELEE WEAPONS!! No longer are we stuck with just different types of guns, we can now bash in zombie’s faces with a machette, a cricket bat, a FRYING PAN among others.
-Adrenline shots. These provide a big boost as a last resort.
-The graphics are better, there really wasn’t a need for improvement on the graphics.

If you love zombies, check it out. It’s a great game to waste time to and a great stress-reliever. Check it out.

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Arisia 2010 and upcoming shows

We are paneling at Arisia 2010 not sure which panels, we will be on two or three panels at this con. Its Martin Luthor King Day weekend. Expect snow.  Up coming we will also have Brian Pullido former head of Chaos Comics.  Misty Cullings from Silk Stalkings will also be on during are Mystery two-week promo.  A couple film reviews and Arisia’s Guest of Honor will also be on the show go to to check out all that info.