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Book of Blood

I just finally rented Clive Barker’s Book of Blood. I did not want to watch it on syfy (Damn them for changing the name), cuz it would be dumed down and stupid. All major book stores cary the collected version of this tale of short stories. Midnight Meat Train did not get nearly as good of a reception as this film did so check it out.

On another note please come to Leominster Movie theater to see Zombieland we will have lots of cool prizes to give away. Check out there website for the upcoming times in our link section.

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Paranormal Activity Leaves Us Shaking

Hey there Horror Fans!

Christina here, with your update. Quick shout out to David Chen (host of Slashfilmcast the official podcast of who sat behind us and Nic Baisley (aka The Film Snob who runs the lovely who sat next to us. Also massive thanks to the folks over at for putting together this little shin-dig.

Last night Dr. Chris and I attended the midnight (well 1am, it took them awhile) screening of Paranormal Activity in Brookline at the Coolidge Corner Theater.  And let me tell you, it was freaking scary.

Quick background info: It follows the lives of Katie and Micah who are being haunted. They film the experience non stop, leaving the camera stationary in the bedroom, recording them as they sleep. The movie builds you up from there, and shows the progression of the haunting. (Spoiler Alert: It gets scarier as it goes).

This movie rocked. You felt helpless as it went along, and you felt the same fear that Katie and Micah feel. There are lots of  “OMG” moments, and the ending will terrify you. The lights came up and lots of people were visibly shaking, myself included. It’s been a long time since a movie has shaken people up (The Blair Witch Project comes to mind) and if you didn’t go home and turn on all your lights (even if just for a moment) then Paranormal Activity didn’t do it’s job.

This movie is only getting a limited release, unless more people demand it. Go to and get this in your theater. (WARNING: Spoilers are in the “About” section of the site) It will blow your mind.

Tune into Radio of Horror this Sunday September 27th at midnight and get our full review.


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The Return of Dexter

I just got Showtime again so I wont miss an episode of one of the best shows on TV DEXTER.

Last season with Jimmy Smitts was awsome, this season its John Lithgow as the Trinity Killer. I still have to start reading the books that the show is based on.

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Jennifer’s Body True Blood and Grace

Jenifer’s Body is that type of movie which should have been made into porn for it would have come across a lot better than it did as a major motion picture. I did have to admit that any succubus that looks like Megan Fox is define worth it, how ever this movie is so not worth it. It has half fleshed out ideas and then goes no where with them. The idea behind a band making a deal with Satan for a sacrifice to become more popular is  not entirely original, the tweak in it comes when the virgin sacrifice is not really a virgin. The wrighting by Juno creator Diablo Cody is similar to Juno, so that in itself is a plus.  If you do go see this movie take it with a grain of salt, and dont go in it expecting something better than everything else we got these past two months so far.  I also like to thank everyone who came out to Leominster Entertainment Cinema and got a free Jenifer’s Body poster.

Grace came on this dvd the thought of a dead baby coming back to life is way more fucked up than Megan Fox in a leading role. I look forward to this movie.

True Blood ended with the same ending as last season so that was a disappointment, how they end the Maryann story line was very cool. I do recommend reading Living Dead in Dallas the book that S2 is based on it might help some.


Paranormal Activity Screening for FREE

As you well know we’ve been talking up Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity (review here) since the very beginning and we are proud as hell to be one of the first sites to get the ball rolling for this film. Now that plans have officially been firmed up it’s only right that we actually bring you a free Dread Central sponsored screening! Are you ready Boston? Dread Central’s own Nomad and Matt Fini will be on hand to make sure you guys have a great time and maybe even go home with a thing or two! Here are the full details: Location: The Coolidge Address: 290 Harvard Ave Boston, MA 02134 Seats: 440 Time: 11:59 PM Date: September 24th To gain admittance to the show you have to be AGE 17 OR OLDER and all you have to do to RSVP for this event is CLICK HERE or on the poster to be added to the guest list! HURRY NOW and get clicking because seats WILL be going FAST!


This is from Myspace and Dread Centrals website

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Malcolm McDowell

For all of you who missed tuning in to Malcolm’s interview here are some of the highlights:

We talked briefly about “Heroes”, he enjoyed working on the show though we joked that it had to be explained to him.

“Halloween 2” was mentioned and not a bad word could be found about director Rob Zombie.

“Fallout 3” direct quote “I got to play the president, so that was cool”. We joked about a “Clockwork Orange” video game (we should totally make this a reality by the way).

We also briefly touched on today’s media and the age of reality tv. Turns out, he doesn’t like it either.

We also mentioned his stint on “Entourage”. Christina had a chance to profess her love for Jeremy Piven, but failed to take it.

If anyone manages to have the patience to wait in line for Malcolm at Rock-N-Shock let him know if you heard him here, on Radio of Horror.

Speaking of Rock-N-Shock, you can garentee that not only will we be line, but we’ll be crusing the floor. Say hi!

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Sorority Row

Thanks to the Leominster Entertainment Cinema I saw SR last night. It was a half ass slasher film having never seen the original I cant compare the two.. I should put it in my online rental account.  Decent kills I never saw so many uses for a Tire Iron before. However I knew going into this it would be like I Know What You Did Last Summer. The other big problem was how un believable the collage experience is. I mean you have to take it for what it is and its slasher movie trash but with a  21 century tone.  Cell phones and pinging and face book are everywhere. If this was made 20 years ago they would have focused more on plot and less on cellphone advertisement.  One last thing I have to say is go Carie Fisher she was a mean bitch in that movie with a shotgun.

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Malcolm and 9

9 came out in theaters this week it was a hell of a movie. Its like Steam Punk meets Terminator. Very Weird. I think it should get nominated for a best animated picture award. Malcolms Interview was awsome. We talked alot about Halloween 1 and 2 and how he flt about the films. Christine and I gave him praise over his video game cameos. Don’t forget he wil be at Rock and Shock this year.

True Blood ends tonight

Supernatural was awsome it kicks off with a big bang.

Lucifer is a dick D I C K wow you have to watch to fin out

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Final Destination 4 3d

Wow look at all the horror movies coming out in 3d. At the beginning of the year we had Coraline and My Bloody Valentine. Then Monsters vs Aliens. I might have forgotten one or two, but this weekend I saw FD4 in 3d. It was weird that its not the third film in 3d like next years Halloween 3.(Yes they are making another Halloween movies with out Rob Zombie.) THIS MOVIE AGAIN HAD NO PLOT AND VERY UNTALENTED ACTORS. It did have some of the best 3-d special effects ever seen in 3-d. They also gave us some stuff from the other films in 3-d.  There is not a lot I can say about FD 4 3d, other than if u do go see it make sure you see it in 3-d. The theater in Leominster MA has a great 3-d screen to watch it on.

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Halloween 2 the review

I saw H2 by Rob Zombie, it was like an akward date with a weird girl. They took everything about Micheal Myers and twisted it. They made him more like Jason. I dont understand how they turned Debrah Myers into a evil Bitch. Dr.Sam Loomis really had noething to do with the movie he was useless and its a shame because Malcolm McDowell was so good in it again. Werid Al is in it Margot Kidder also.  This movie is the 4th by Zombie 5th counting the unreleased Elsuperbesto. So we basically get two hits a strike and a miss with him. You figure it out which is whcih.