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Boston CC 09 and The Fall of The TMNT

I just got done with the Boston Comic Con 09 and boy am I tired. I would like to thank Nick and Jim for inviting Radio of Horror to the con.

It was great to meet legendary artist Tim Seeley and Herb Trimpe and many others.

Up next Nefan Ex

In some very unusual news not nearly as weird as Marvel and Disney

Peter Laird and Mirage studios have sold the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Nickelodeon studios. Could they apear on an episode of Sponge Bob Square pants soon. Only time will tell

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Rock-N-Shock day 3

-We watched a great movie called “Dead Air”
Great movie staring Bill Molsely & David Moscow. It’s about a late night radio DJ named Logan (Mosely). Logan is kinda a jerk, but most of that is his jaded nature. He shows up to work one night and shortly after he goes on-air all hell breaks loose. We’ve got zombies on the loose, weird “28 Days Later” meets “Dawn of The Dead” hybrids. It infected people via airborne gas, and sorry folks, the time-honored “double tap” does not work here. Logan decides to stay on air, at first because of his ego, but soon it turns to fear.
Amazing movie, go check it out. It was entirely filmed in a small studio, so it really captured the tightness of the space.
-caught a great short interview with the legendary John Landis
We chatted about his upcoming projects, and the impact the impact that reality stars have on Hollywood (spoiler: it’s not nice)
-made a movie star do our dirty work
No really, Christina convinced Jay Mewes to do a coffee run. She’ll do anything for coffee.
Among many many other things that we will be talking about over the course of the next few weeks.

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Rock-N-Shock Day 2

Highlights from Day 2:
-The Crpytkeeper sernades us with a creepy rendition of “Happy Birthday”
-We kick back with
-Doug Jones gives us a bit of his time and shows off his “Buffy” smile
-Jason Mewes continues to play matchmaker
-and it turns out, we’re not the only ones who hate “Twilight”

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Rock and Shock 09

I wont be posting again till Sunday but hopefully my co-host will post as well

Tomorow begins Rock and Shock 09 Kevin and Gina are the hosts of this event Malcolm Mcdowell Ken Kelley Adriene King are among the guests we have had on the show from this event. The Misfits and Type O Negative are two of the bands I can’t wait to see. There will be many vendors with our product and flyer on their table so stop by and check them out

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Look for us at the con or the concert or at any of the after parties we squeeze into. We have product and will be wearing it.

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2 years of Dr.Chris Radio of Horror

2 years ago I started Dr.Chris Radio of Horror. In January Radio of Horror may or maynot still be in the same time slot or it maye or may not be on the air. I hope for both. I thank everyone who has helped my show come along like it has. This journey has been fun and exciteing.  Up next for Radio of Horror  ROCK AND SHOCK 09

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Halloween Ale

They have Halloween ale at the local liquer stores lololol I cant wait to get some and share with my fellow horror nuts. My co-host and I will be drinkig some with a the clebs who came on my show shopw this past years at Rock and Shock.

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IDW and Dark Horse

I just got the confirmation that both DH and IDw will be sending a box of comics to me for Rock and Shock. DH will be giving me a box of Abe Sapien comics for Doug Jones appearence at the con and IDW will give me a box of Terminator Salvation comics for Brian Steele.

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Zombie land is one of those movies that comes along and helps give cpr to the dead get it lololololololo. No but seriously, the Zombie genre has hit this all time low and it was so high in 2003 with Danny Boyle 28 days later.  The big highlight in the horror comedy genre was of cource, Shawn of the Dead. This had that dry britsh wit we all no and love.  This movie was great it was so funny at times and so serious at times too. The cats was truly awsome. Woody Harelson and Jesse Eisenberg work together and have some great checmistry.  This is one movie you definetly have to check out and see.