Salem MA

This week Radio of Horror went to Salem MA and visited Count Orlocks (whom will be on the show at 1230 am thank u James) Checked out Harrison Comics the home of Tarot witch of the black Rose sorta. Checked out the Nightmare Factory in 3D, Witch Cottage and then Dracula Castle. The best was the Wtch Cottage. It was very informative and educational for a one man show. Count Orlocks was neat becasue of the great stautes and love for horror. Dracs was a bismal it was the worst attraction in Salem. Way too dark and noething really exciting.

Christina’s part: I love Salem and everything it has to offer. There are musems, attractions, shops, and tons hard to find items (ok, there was a place that sold snake skin).
Count Orlock’s Gallery was Amazing. It had everything from the obscure (random “Land of The Dead” zombie) to well known favorites (Hitchcock, Pennywise, Pinhead). Since we were there in the off-season, nobody popped out to scare the crap out of me (other then Pennywise when I turned a corner) and it made a really enjoyable expierance, fit for all ages. Very informative, very real-like and very one of a kind.
We then did the Witches Cottage which was great. It was a bit on the field-trip type side but the kid rocking the one man show did a really great job.