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Friday the 13th The Series: The Finale

Goodbye Friday the 13th the Series. After a long long journey we say goodbye to Curious Goods. This episode will be covering eps 19&20

The Tree of Life May 19, 1990
Unsuspecting men become the sacrificial victims of a cult priestess.

The Charnel Pit May 26, 1990
A painting sends Micki to 1790 France, where she meets the Marquis de Sade.

I your host Dr.Chris and joined by the amazing and talented Mistress Zeneca.

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes for us that would be great.

Friday the 13th the series or Friday’s Curse as it was called in some other parts of the world as well as The Mystery of Friday and in Germany under the title Heirs to the Curse. (I like this title better). What other titles could they have come up with?

I your host Dr.Chris and joined by the amazing and talented Mistress Zeneca.

Two episodes every week we host The Dead Tv Podcast. We begin in two weeks our coverage of Dracula the Series from 2013.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Friday the 13th The Series: The Finale
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C&L Episode 18: Salvation/Devils Trap

Welcome back to another great episode of Supernatural Creatures and Loree …Salvation and Devils Trap. We took a brief week off due to technical problems. This is Season 1 Episode 21,23 for those of you tuning in. This will be the last time we look at season 1 creatures, monsters, ghosts and goblins.

Original Air dates: 27 Apr. 2006 and 4 May 2006

My New Co-host Mel Heflin joins us once again for this episode. We talk about Demons and all the different versions.

Meg turns to killing John’s friends in order to get the Colt. Sam and Dean stakeout the Demon’s next target; a family with a six month old baby showing signs of special abilities. John heads off alone to confront Meg.

Sam and Dean seek help from Bobby Singer, an old family friend in their mission to save their father from Meg. The brothers set a trap for Meg.

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Supernatural Creatures and Lore
Supernatural Creatures and Lore
C&L Episode 18: Salvation/Devils Trap




Shout Factory Contest

On Facebook today we started a contest for some great dvds we got from our buddies at Shout Factory. Check us out on FB under Chris Denmead.
We will post the same contest here soon.

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Famous Monsters of Filmland

Our guest tonight will be the peopel behind putting Famou Monster of Film land back together. This group of people had there work cut out for them in riving one of the most beloved Horror magazines of all time.

Torry returns to the show after being away for two months on a Summer Job that took her all over the USA.

We wil be discussing the fact that Doug Bradley is not returning to play Pin Head in Hellraiser 9, and talk alittle bit about Locke and Key vol 3 and the Riley one shot of Buffy

Our reviews of Piranha 3-D and Vampires Suck.

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Piranha 3-D

Before you go see Piranha in theaters make sure u eat a lot of fish because those little bastards are some of the most evil angry little buggers to ever grace the screen (sorry Gremlins and Critters) Thsi si one erpic fright filled movie.

You need to check it out. Listen to the show this weekend to find out what me and Vic thought of it.


Vampyra Documentry

A few years ago a short documentry was made about the legendary film host from the 50s. At long last we have the maker sof that documentry on the show.

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The new Mystery Science Theater 3000 box set will come with a figureine of Gypsy. The last two years the anniversary box set came with Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo.

go to

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Which is Bloodier

Tonight on Radio of Horror we discuss a couple of interesteing shows True Blood and Spartacus. Which show is bloodier and more porn like, you decide tonight on Radio of Horror.

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New Scooby Doo

A new Scooby Doo cartoon has begun called Mystery Inc. Like many people my age there first introduction to anythign to do with Monsters Ghosts or the Supernatural came from a caertain Great Dane. This new cartoon has Frank Welker ( Transformers G1 and Prime Megatron) as Fred and Scooby. Casey Casem Mathew Warburton, and Mathew Lilard reprising his role from the movies!!!!! O how the mighty have fallen.  First time in Scooby Doo a long running plotline thru out the first season. It airs Cartoon Network on Fridays at 7pm,

Also Vincent Price showed up in 13 episodes of a scooby Doo cartoon. The 13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo. Its now on DVD.

Video Games

New Horror Games

Check out the two new Horror downlaod games. Well one is kinda horror, one is Horror

Castlevania Harmony of Dissenence


This weekend I review both.

Comic Books

Neil Gaiman beats Todd McFarlane

In the courts, in what could be considered the geekeirst battle.of law since The Spider-Man movie rights. Gaiman won his law suit over several Spawn charecters he never got money for. Spawn is the ex cia Hitmen turned Demon. Once Apon a time Image’s flag ship title.