SPN Creatures and Lore #54 House of Wax

Tonight Mel and I talk about the movie HOUSE OF WAX from 2005, as two people from Supernatural apear in House of Wax and this was a blast to record as well. We talk about the history of the film and who made it and we reall share a love for this horror movie that […]

Hack/Slash Resurrection #4

We return to the podcast after a brief Hiatus we have come back to Hack/Slash Resurection with the 4th issue. Recently learned we will be losing our Co-host Halloween girl after this story arc is over but please check out her youtube content below for more information on where you can find her. Halloween Girl’s […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 30-35: Snake Charmer

D vs Hot Snake Woman sign me up he shows how much a baddass he can be when he rescues Doris and and we have a badass fight and more cool monsters. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available […]

Reaper Series Finale

We say good bye to REAPER the Comedy Horror Show that came and went too fast and soon. We enjoyed our ride on Reaper and in the final episode were able to talk about some of the reasons it didnt come back for a season 3. All the of the actors have gone on to […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 25-30: Castlevania

Scott returns to the podcast after being off for a couple episodes and we talk about the Castlevania of it all with the counts gothic castle and shadow cats and bitchy kids. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling nature on our comment section. We will have the podcast available […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 20-25: The Count’s Spoiled Brats

Back with another Five mins of the Vampire Hunter D anime and we meet the new most annoyng people the in the movie. Joining me for these five mins is once again Author Kelly Florence talking about the next five mins of the movie. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a […]

SPN Creatures and Lore # 53: Fallen Idols

Mel and Chris return to talk about this hilarious episode of Supernatural which Guest stars Paris Hilton. Alas we tried to get PAris on the show with us to no avail. But Enjoy us talking about the iconic figures in this episode like Abe Lincoln and Ganhdi and Little Bastard My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin […]

Hack/Slash Ruserection #3

We return with Hack/Slash Resurection #3 we had a bit of delay with the podcast due to personal reasons but check out our twitters for more information on why. Also dont forget to head over to Big Bad Toy Store online to preorder the Cassie Hack figure. If it dont get enough preorders it wont […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 15-20: Guest, Author Kelly Florence

Chris flies solo this episode as Scott is away for the next two and we have Author Kelly Florence on the show with us. A writer and podcaster herself and a professor. We talk about some relevant topics with white men deciding the fate of a woman and WOW. is Kelly Podcast with her […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins10-15: GASTON

We return this week with mins 10-15 and our guest Author Mark LeslieĀ  from our last episode rejoins us to talk abit more about his podcast this time and what its about. Check out link to Marks page and social media here Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling […]

Hack/Slash Resurection #2

We had a bit of delay but we are back with Hack/Slash Resurection #2 As Cassie learns VLAD IS ALIVE, hense the name of the book. Please check out all prior episodes of the podcast and Tims other comics. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 5-10: Guest Author Mark Leslie

Scott and Chris are back to talk about the next five mins of this episdoe where D and Doris meet and we are joiend by Mark Leslie a Canadian author of horror and speculative fiction. He is the author of the short story collection One Hand Screaming, a collection of short stories and poetry, mostly […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #52 Lucifer Rising

Mel and Chris return to talk about Lucifer Rising and all the episodes of Lucifer the Devil played most of the time by Mark Peligrimo has been in before. We go into a dive into the biblical part of who Lucifer is as well and we talk about the culture impact the devil has had. […]