Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #5

Hi thanks for being patient with us for this episode of HS Son of Sam Hain. Due to a lot of complications with Covid we had to re record this episode of Goth Girl Horror. We end the Son of Sam Hain Coverage today with Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #5 and then start Resurrections […]

SPN C&L # 51: The Monster at the End of This Book

Mel and Chris return to talk about the various Supernatral novels that have been printed over the years 15 year run. This ties into the episode in s4 where Sam and Dean learn their adventures have been put into novels and are being published under a prophet for the lord Chuck aka GOD. There were […]

Reaper S2 Ep 3&4: The Sweet Science & The Favorite

We return with anothe rtwo great episodes of the tv series REAPER Ep 3 Ben wants to introduce Nina to Sock and Sam; the devil tells Sam he must send a prizefighter from the 1950s back to hell. Ep 4 The Devil introduces Sam to Morgan, his charming other son. Sam is tasked with giving […]

Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain # 4

We return with the 4th issue of the Son of Sam Hain mini series. The song you hear at the beginning of the episode is by the band Sam Hain. Halloween Girl from YouTube joins Chris again to help cohost this episode of Goth Girl Horror. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link All episodes are […]

Reaper S2 Ep1 &2: Episode IV A New Hope

We are back on track with Reaper after a small break between seasons for the Dr. Strange Movie. We probably have the weirdest title for a podcast episode ever. Enjoy our run thru Reaper season two. We look forward to giving this show its proper due as we march to the finish line. This is […]

SPN C&L #50: Jump the Shark

Mel and I return to talk about Jump the shark a term I thought came from Happy Days but actually came from the Brady Bunch and this one involves Adam the third Winchester Brother no one cared about until it came time for plot My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us from Japan. We pull […]

Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #3

Welcome back to Goth Girl Horror the Official Hack/Slash Podcast and Joining me from youtube as new cohost of the show is Halloween Girl. We are so excited she could be with us today. Halloween Girls Youtube Channel Link All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and any distributor you can find […]

Dr. Strange Tv Movie Pilot

Hey True Believers its not Stan Lee here but a great impersonation of him lol. All joking aside here MZ and I decided to take a quick break from Reaper and do the Dr. Strange made for TV movie in time for the new movie staring Benedict Cumberbatch and directed by Sam Raimi. A psychiatrist […]

Reaper Season 1 Finale

We are at the end of Season 1 of Reaper and the lid is blown off the revelation meter OMEN style in ways the Devils Advocate would enjoy so much. This first season of Reaper has been great and the tone of the show has stayed the same from the beginning and that’s great. Zeneca […]

What We Do Mins 80-83: Credits

Scott and I end the movie talking about the final gags and the credits of the film. We hope you have enjoyed our coverage of this modern day awesome horror comedy . We will be traveling back to the 80s to the world of Japan soon with Vampire Hunter D and our first anime movie […]

SPN CL # 49: Death Takes a Holiday

Mel and Chris return with a guest to talk about Death Takes a Holiday, About Near Death Experiences. Our guest has an amazing story to share with us as we discuss what its like to have died and come back from the door of the reaper. Something Sam and Dean do alot on this show. […]

Reaper Eps 16 & 17: Greg Shmeg and The Leak

We are down to the last few episodes of season 1 of Reaper and mistress Zeneca is half way thru her show Brimstone. Air date May 6: Andi’s ex-boyfriend returns, and asks her out. To Sam’s surprise, she says yes. Meanwhile, Ben’s fake marriage to Sarah becomes increasingly taxing, with Sarah making a big announcement. […]

Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #2

We are back with Greg from the Hack/Slash time line to talk about Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain # 2 and all that entails in this awesome issue by Tim and Stephano. REMEMBER ALL VIEWS AND OPINIONS OF THE HOSTS AND NOT IMAGE COMICS OR TIM SEELEY All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google […]

What We Do Mins 75-80: Can’t We be Friends

We are back after a bit of a break with mins 75-80 of What We do in the Shadows on this crazy Vampire Podcast. As the Werewolves and the Vampires come together and realize they can be friends. What We Do in the Shadows 2014 Directed by Jemaine Clement Taika Waititi Please leave comments and […]

Reaper eps: 14&15 Rebellion & Coming to Grips

Welcome back to The Dead TV Podcast, we have a few more episodes of Reaper season one left to go. Mistress Seneca has another great review of the show Brimstone. ep 14 Airdate 4/22/08 It’s a demon’s world, as the gang encounters a demon support group with members who are trying to change their bad […]