Alien Nation Eps 5&6: The First Cigar & Night of the Screams

We are back late into the month of January with two more episodes of Alien Nation. One of them is a Halloween themed episode which I wasn’t expecting. ep 5 George (Eric Pierpoint) accepts a loan from a Newcomer loan officer before discovering she is a drug czar. Guest star: James Greene. With Gary Graham. […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 70-75: Alucard????

We are down to the second to last part of the movie here on the podcast as revelations happen and we learns some truths about some characters and we say good bye to some characters. Hope you have enjoyed the podcast coverage of this amazing Anime movie. Please leave comments and corrections if they are […]

Vampire Hunter D mins 65-70: The Ceremony of the Damned

We are almost done with the 80s Anime Vampire Hunter D. Scott and I say HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for joining us for the first episode of the New Year. We have ONE more episode to go and it has a special guest star joining us. Please leave comments and corrections if they […]

Alien Nation Eps 3&4: Fountain of Youth & Little Lost Lamb

Happy New Year and HappY Holiday what ever it is you celebrate. Thanks for coming back to the Dead TV Podcast for our continuing coverage of Alien Nation the Series. ep 3 Air Date: 9/25/89 Sikes and Francisco (Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint) investigate a doctor who is killing Newcomers to benefit human patients. ep4 Airdate: […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #56: A Very Supernatural Christmas Redux

MERRY CHRISTMAS we are back and covering the only Supernatural Christmas Special the show ever got. WHY, WHY is there no other Christmas Special for this show Eric, Sarah Edlund and more? Mel and I hope you enjoy this cover of Winter Pagan Gods as much as we did recording it. My Co-host Actress Mel […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 60-65: Lets Give Him a Hand

Merry Christmas we are back with a new episode of the Vampire Movie Minute Podcast as D loses his hand and regains it in a display of true affection for hand to save D and himself. Joining us for this podcast again is Chris and his Newphew TJ from the Jay and SIlent Bob Movie […]

Hack/Slash Resurrection #7

Happy Holidays from Goth Girl Horror the Official Hack/Slash Podcast. On the show tonight for this stand alone issue with Cat and Dog Kat and Pooch we have Multiverse Writer Greg Ellner joining us again. CHeck your emaisl btw we saw the Cassie Hack Action figure will be on its way soon we cant wait. […]

Alien Nation Eps 1&2, With Guest star Eric Pierpoint

Tonight we dive into the first couple episodes of ALIEN NATION the series with a guest star in the middle of the coverage Eric Pierpoint who played George on the show. This is how we got Ken Johnson as we originally interviewed Eric months ago. This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 55-60: Duty before Booty

We are back from the Thanksgiving break, This week we dive into five more minutes of the anime movie from the 1980s, We have the Jay and Silent Bob Min co-host Chris joins us with his nephew from his comic book podcast. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling nature […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #55 I Believe the Children Are Our Future

Mel and I return to talk about the anti Christ and the weird various versions of this kind of creature this week. We both hope everyone had a great Supernatural filled Thanksgiving My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us from Japan. We pull the facts from a variety of sources and books, anything left […]

Alien Nation The Series Pilot with Guest Kenneth Johnson

WELCOME to our true start to covering Alien Nation the Series. We kick it off with an amazing Review of the Pilot and a Interview with Kenneth Johnson the creator of Alien Nation, as well as V The Bionic Woman and The Incredible Hulk tv shows. Airdate 9/18/1989 A bigoted human policeman in the L.A. […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 50-55: Anime Tropes

HELLO and Happy Thanksgiving or if your a vetren Happy Vetrens Day as it was this past Saturday. Scott and I return to the Aniem world this week with a lot of fun nude Anime Tropes and talking about them on these mins of Vampire Hunter D. Please leave comments and corrections if they are […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 45-50: Guest Author Faith Marlow

Joining us for this episode is Faith Marlow a fellow Vampire Author. She was recently featured in the Vampyre Magazine, as well as on the Dr.Chris Radio of Horror Show on WCUW. We talk about the bad bad mistreatment of Dorris once again. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling […]

Hack/Slash Resurrection #6

Hack/Slash Resurrection #6

Welcome back to Goth Girl Horror the OFFICIAL Hack/Slash Podcast we have a send off as Halloween Girl leaves us and we end the first big story arc in this story with Resurrection Part 6. Hope you all had a great and Happy Halloween this past week. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link episodes are […]