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Horror Film Festival in Boston needs help

A film festival dedicated to all things Horror is being put together in Boston MA. This festival is being put on by the same people who do the Sci-Fi Festival.

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The folks should be self-motivated and can-do folks. If you know anyone, I’ll let them have first crack.

If you want more info pleasem contact Garen Daly


The best and Worst Vampire Movies

Vampires, Why do we love them?? Is it the allure of their flawless features and animal sexuality mixed with their craving for blood.  The idea of one becoming Immortal is very seductive, it’s what draws us to these creatures of the night. Since 1897 when Bram Stoker published Dracula, we have been swept up by these dark creatures. The celluloid era brought us Vampires in silent form like London After Midnight, Dracula and Interview with the vampire would soon follow. Every decade had vampire movies that stood out and still stand the test of time of Good Horror Movies. Some should have a stake driven through their hearts. Entire Clubs of people make vampirism their lifestyle mainly because of what they see in movies.  We have the list of the best and worst Vampire movies. Notice there are know Dracula films listed below, since he has over 30 films to his name I thought we could make a list for him in another article.

5. 30 Days of Night–Based on the comic of the same name by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith, this was a sleeper hit in 2003. 4 years later it was made into what was never seen before in a Vampire movie. Gore, blood, and non stop suspense. The movie may not scare the crap out of you but you have to admit, the snowy white back drop in a small town in Burrow Alaska soaked in blood is enuf to get any ones blood to chill. There is a sequel that just finished shooting and will be out next year titles Dark Days. Numbers 5, 4, and 2 (in the best of section) are based on books and 2 is a comic book film.

4. Interview with the Vampire–Based on the best-selling Novel by Anne Rice, Its and interview being conducted by a reporter (Christian Slater) of a 200-year-old Vampire named Louie ( Brad Pitt). The story would be the first of the Lestat (Tom Cruise) book in Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.  the cast is rounded out by great performances by Kristen Dunst and Antonio Banderas. sad but strange fact about the film is River Phoenix brother of Joaquin Phoenix was to play Lestat but died, due to drug overdose. He has a in remembrance credit at the end of the film.

3.Blade–Wesley Snipes did something for Vampires that had been washed away with teen pop shows like Buffy, He made them bad ass. Blade (Wesley Snipes) was the tale of a half vampire half human hunter. He was bad ass with a sword and shard with his wit. The best part of the movie is in the beginning during the Blood Shower at the club, when the vamps are done with their blood orgy Blade whoops some ass. This was the movie before X-Men that started getting Hollywood into Comic Book movies, but most people who saw it had no idea he lived in the same universe as Spider-Man and the X-Men.

2.Vampire Hunter D–Another story of a half human half Vampire hunter, this is one of the best Anime movies out there. Weird setting as it takes place in 14,000 ad so a good 12,000 years into a war-torn future. D is hired by a couple of young farmers to stop the local Count from turning her into a Vampire. We get the impression that D is of major nobility and is not the hunter to mess with. The art style in this movie may look crude by todays standards of animation. There is no denying however how many Vampire genre fans can say how they got hooked on Anime because of this masterpiece of a film.  There are actually 17 Vampire Hunter D novels. all recently translated in to English. Book 3 is the sequel movie.

1.The Lost Boys– If there was one Vampire movie  fans would say this is hat hooked them. It’s about a mother and her two sons who move in with their Grandpa. The place he lives in happen to be the murder capital of the world. this was a break out film for Keifer Sutherland as the lead Vampire David. The Two Corey’s ( Feldman and Haim) made this the first of many films they would star in together.  Its awesome 80’s soundtrack and settings in California make it a great summer movie. Theres humor drama and suspense. The best part of the whole film is Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander as the dimwitted Vampire Hunters. They really have no idea what they are doing but they try anyway.  It’s funny Joel Shumacher the director made one of the Greatest Vampire movies of all time. He also made the worst Superhero movie of all time Batman and Robin.

Now the 5 worst Vampire films.

5.–Vampires Los Muentos–the term sequel should mean next chapter int he story arc not lets repeat the same movie direct to video. Why they made this who knows??? Jon Bon Jovi does nothing to make us think he’s a better slayer than Jack Cross played with such kickassness as James Woods. John Carpenter had to be pretty had up for money to put his name on this garbage. The vampire chick is much hotter than the male villain form the fist film but that’s the only reason to watch and that pretty bad.

4.Queen of the Damned–What do you get when you recast everybody in your hit movie from 8 years ago. The biggest most poorly written piece of garbage of all time. I am not sure what happened during production of this movie. Maybe it was the tragic death of Pop Star Aleyah, no this movie was doomed to fail in the beginning. For some reason they combine two stories in one. Un like with the Harry Potter and Twilight films they take it one step at a time.  You would expect something better from the woman who wrote the books in the first place. Sadly Ann Rice is not as good a screen writer as she is a novelist.

3.Dracula 3000– Really the title says everything. It’s not a sequel to the film staring Gerard Butler so don’t think of it that way. It’s like Dracula in Space. This si the only Dracula title I put on here. Do Not Watch This Movie.

2.The Lost Boys: The Tribe: For years they kept saying there would be a Lost Boys. First it was the Lost Girls, ( which would have been dumb but hot surfer Vamp Babes) Then a film based solely on the Frog brothers. Alas we got this piece of dribble.  We have a sequel that almost has nothing to do with the first one other than Edgar Frog coming back played by Corey Feldman. Angus Sutherland Keifer’s younger brother plays the head Vampire in this movie, but they make no connection to the fact he might be David’s brother. Why ??? The two siblings in the movie are also cousins of Sam and Mike the two brother from the first film. Again not explained at all. Worst line in the film is by Feldman ” Did somebody order some steak”

1. The Twilight saga– Yup sorry I am throwing this under a Church Choir bus and hope it ignites into flames. Not since Dracula The tv series has Vampires been destroyed by such dribble. First big reason this is the worst films about Vampires, Vampires don’t SPARKLE. What is up with that??? This whole lubby dubby crap in these films is just too much to handle. The acting is so wooden and awkward it just blows my mind as too how these tweens can sit through this. I understand Buffy and Angel was a bit campy 10 years ago,. Lots of monsters do that. Lets make them look good with fangs. If you really have to sit through these films download the Rifftrax commentary it make them into the best comedies ever made. Weird fact about these films is Martin Sheen plays the leader of the Vampires in these films. In the Underworld films he plays the leader of the Werewolves.

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Jonah Hex

 Based on the long-running DC Comics gunslinger, Jonah Hex is about a gunslinger in the old west who becomes a bounty hunter after his family is killed. His face is scared in such a way he is scary to look at too his enemies . Now that I have the basic plot out-of-the-way let’s get into why this movie is not what you were hoping for.  They get about 60% of the character wrong. I am not quite sure where the production team got the idea Jonah Hex became a ghost whisper. They really try to drag in the audience of the supernatural with his ability to talk to the dead. It makes for a nice cameo appearance by Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (Who has now appeared in three DC Vertigo comic book movies in 16 months). There are hints at what could have been a good film in their ideas that never quite get followed up on, scenes that could have been amazing – but mostly it’s an endless mess, squashed into the shortest running time possible. I have to commend DC Comics for trying to make something else besides Superman or Batman but this is not the way to do it. 

 The movie felt a little rushed. They put something together in such a hurry to get from scene to scene before we even got through with what had just occurred.  Josh Brolin is the title character; burdened with a facial prosthetic that reduces most of his dialogue to mumbling, Brolin seems to have no feeling for who the character is.  Reminds me of Pamela Anderson in Barbed Wire with the way he talks always through his teeth. He goes from grimly boring to silly, and the only reason why his performance isn’t the film’s worst is because Megan Fox  in it as well. I don’t mind Fox in this film she makes fantastic eye candy once again. She plays a tough as nails prostitute with a heart of gold who suddenly becomes an obedient wench whenever Jonah Hex walks into the her life. Fox’s character of Lila got seriously mucked up in the course of the re-writes this film was plagued with. Her character really has nothing to do with the film other than to give Jonah a love interest in place of his poor departed wife. John Malkovich, meanwhile, appears to be acting in this movie just for a paycheck. He plays General Turnbull, a Confederate terrorist who killed Hex’s family and scarred his face, wrongly thought dead who now has a set of magical cannonballs with which he’s going to blow up Washington DC. Malkovich barely even tries to give Turnbull a southern accent, and in more than one scene, I can’ tell if he has it or not. He seems a lot like Madonna one minute she was british one minute she was southern.  In the final battle between Hex and Turnbull,

There’s the final battle, which takes place on an ironclad. That’s cut in with Megan Fox battling on the same ironclad. Then it’s cut with an imaginary fist fight between Hex and Turnbull, which in turn is cut with yet another series of flashbacks to Hex’s origin. The final fist fight between Hex and Turnbull is crosscut with an imaginary fist fight between Hex and Turnbull. The idea here, introduced into the film earlier, is that when you’re about to die you imagine yourself finishing up your life’s business. WHAT!!!! Hex is actively engaged in a fight with the same guy at the same time. It’s confusing in the worst way.  The imaginary duel is given a red psychedelic haze, maybe half way thru making the movie they started working on EA’s Red Dead Redemption a cowboy Grand Theft Auto that just came out a week before this movie. That person should be beaten.  Jonah Hex feels like a movie that nobody understood when they made it, that nobody cared about when they edited it, and that nobody even read the comic books that the movie was based on. If they had at least watched That one awesome episode of Batman the Animated series, Where Hex fights Ras Al Goul during a flashback sequence, that would have helped some. It’s the kind of movie that if you never saw a western before you might like it or if you had never seen an action movie in your life. Jonah Hex should hav had more care put into it, not because its such an unknown character, but because we were promised better than Catwoman.  Its currently playing the Entertainment Cinema in Leominster MA.


Scars tell the tale

On Friday Jonah Hex comes to theaters. It’s the Story of a confederate soldier horribly scared for life and fight bad guys in the old west, some times with a sci-fi twist sometimes with a supernatural twist. The Scars on his face are what defines him as a character, whether that be an anti-hero ( someone who does not play by hero rules ala The Punisher or Dark Man) or a true hero who shows bravery and courage. Sometime though these Scars can twist a man’s soul and turn him evil and make him a bigger villain than the one who inflicted it on him, In the case of Mason Verger from Hannibal he because sick and twisted to the point he’s worse than Hannibal him self. At least with the Cannibal you get charm and a gentleman like demeanor.  We also have case where these people are born with these disfigurements. Their deformity has made them so ugly they go beyond human understanding to cover themselves up and shun the world, so they never have to deal with how they are treated. In this article we will go over ten best examples of disfigured characters in cinema, whether they be hero, villain, or just a poor soul.

10.The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003)–I use the remake more so as an example than the original because it went into more detail about Leatherface being born disfigured and scared. In order for him to feel accepted by his hillbilly family he wears other peoples faces who are better looking than him so he can fit in. This of course is a lot of psychological turmoil in his brain that leads him being one of cinemas most ruthless and demented madmen.

9.Hannibal–In the final chapter of Anthony Hopkin’s Hannibal Lecter saga, a demented billionaire Mason Verger ( Gary Oldman),  is one of the only two living survivors of an attack by Lecter, hires some bounty hunters and the FBI to bring Lecter back to him so he can feed him to his Wild boars. Now like with Leatherface Mason is messed up to no end. His scars run deep as he raped and sexually abused his sister and was in turn done the same by his father. Hannibal was his doctor growing up and he learned of what he did and cut him deeply in gruesome ways.  Weird fact about the film Gary Oldman did not want screen credit for the film as no one can even recognize him with all that make up on.

8.Darkman—After two villans here is our first anti-hero. created by Sam Rami Darkman (Liam Neesen) is a scientist trying to create a synthetic skin that works so well that people with deformities can no longer feel shunned by the outside world. Some mobsters show up blow him up and now he needs it to become any one he wants in order to fight crime. The cool thing about Darkman is he’s not afraid to kill to get what he wants and pose as those he is trying to get back at. He also has a kind of super power as he feels no pain in any part of his body and has some what low level healing powers, they just don’t work on his face.

7.The Dark Night— In this film, Two-Face is a much darker character, albeit portrayed sympathetically along the lines of a tragic hero rather than an evil villain., like his comic book counter part. Harvey Dent is the new District Attorney planning to take down the Mafia. He gets kidnapped by the Joker after the Mob turns to him to stop Dent, Gordan, and Batman. He gets almost blown up and is left with half his body ruined. Unlike in the comic he only wants revenge on those cops he feels are part of the mob. His silly antics with 2 of everything are non existant. His name Two Face was actually given to him before his accident. Is was the name the cops gave him since he used to work in Internal Affairs.

6.The Elephant Man–Frederick Treves (Anthony Hopkins), a surgeon, discovers John Merrick (John Hurt) in a freak show in London’s East End, where he is managed by a tyrant of a circus keeper. Merrick is so deformed that he must wear a hood and cape when in public. Treves tries to show the world what a beautiful creature this man can be. Its a touching story that really tries to show us the good that’s on the inside of someone who is very deformed. It’s also a movie with a deeper meaning we should all live by don’t judge a book by its cover. This movie is based on a true story.Long time rumor joke is Michael Jackson owned the Elephant Man’s Bones, not true.

5.Bond Films—-Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Donald Pleasence) Arguably the best Bond villain mainly for the performance of the actor portraying him in You Only Live Twice. In Live Twice you learn he is the founder of SPECTRE the terrorist organization that has been the nemesis of the Connery bond films.   It’s this film he has the signature scar and protruding eye socket. There is no explanation why he has this facial feature and this is the only Bond film that shows him with it. It has been parody in many other films like the Austin Power movies.  Ernst Stavro Blofeld also appeared even if it was just a hand or voice over a phone in these Bond films On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Diamonds are Forever , Thunderball and its remake Never Say Never Again.

4.Star Wars Saga—-Darth Vader, if not for being a whiney little brat in Episodes I, II and half of III would be the greatest villain in Cinema history. His Scars and disfigurement run ALL OVER his body. It makes him who he is and gives him  his anger which allows him to control the Dark Side of The Force. In a real bad move on his part he betrays the Jedi and then fights his older wiser and stronger Master. Even after Obi-Wan tells Anakin he has the higher ground, Anakin doesn’t listen and lunges at him. Obi Wan cuts off all his limbs and leaves him  for dead, burning to death on the side of a volcano. This would fully transform him into The Dark Lord of The Sith.

3.The House of Wax(1953)The famous horror film staring the late gret Vincent Price was a work of true cinema artwork. It’s dark gothic settings and creepy villain make the movie work. Price plays a curator of a House of Wax, he was horribly scarred in a Wax accident and wears a mask thru most of the film. When his face is revealed its almost nothing more than a mess only Skeletor could say is handsome. House of Wax was released in 3-D back in 1953 soon to be released in Digital 3-D next year.

2. The Hunchback of Notre Dame—Quasimodo(Lon Chaney) is a deformed (deaf and half-blind) bell-ringer of the famous Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. He was born with this deformity and in subsequent films later on thru today the term for deformity is nicknamed Qunasimodo. His deformity comes from his ugly face and Hunched back. The hunchback’s story is a classic Beauty and Beast story as well. He falls in love with the dancer Esmeralda, who then he has to save from an angry mob after being falsely accused of murder. Despite his unfortunate features and knowing the girl would never love him the way he wants he still acts as a hero in the movie. It’s the rare case where the monster is not the villain. Please skip the Disney version its enough to make you wish you were half blind.

1.The Phantom of The Opera(1925)–This was the greatest performance by Lon Chaney this and the film mentioned before it would go down to truly show he was one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. This movie would help make him the man of a thousand faces, after several other films were he wore more makeup than showing his true face. The Phantom in this story is a poor victim of a terrible accident that twisted his mind. He threatens the Grand Opera in Paris if they don’t stop playing a certain score. His features are hidden behind a mask covering most of his face. He would stop at nothing to make sure the Opera does what he wants. His lair is also one of those repeated villain hideouts below the Opera itself.



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Tonight on ROH

Returing guest Ryan (Susurrus Din) will be returning to read from Maurice Level Moris and Lafcadio Hearn stories

Fionas Fright Shop will also be in the studio with us after Ryan (Susurrus Din)

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ROH Fieldtrip

Tomorow Radio of Horror takes its first Horror field trip, to RI to visit the birthplace of Maercy Brown the first American Vampire. We will also be visitng the grave and Home of HP Lovecraft.

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Man vs Monster

 Back in 1818 when Mary Shelley first created Frankenstein she began a trend with authors of Science fiction and horror, revolving around a man vs a monster. Some things man was not meant to mess with is a good way to describe are inability to play god in a lot of films and books. This would be known as fringe science. Science that cant be explained or science that is being messed with.  Cloning is a good example of real life Fringe Science. It seems as though Man has a god complex and strives to make things better with life but ends up screwing everything up and getting a lot of people killed. In other cases they mess with chemicals to help those who may be sick hurt or even dead. Recently in the movie Splice two scientists try to come up with a way to cure a bunch of disease. The company that owns their research wants to just make a buck, so they decide to make their own test subject to show the world what they can do. Unfortunately things get out of hand and people die. One film after another we see the road of good intentions paved with blood.  In this article we will go over ten best examples of Man (or Woman ) messing with stuff they really have no business playing with. You could almost say these are the Smartest Dumb people you will ever meet.

10. Deep Blue Sea– A scientist tries to cure Alzheimer using Shark DNA the only problem she makes the Shark super intelligent. A good thought process but she should not have poked around a sharks brain too much.

9. Return of the Living Dead Part3 Living Dead Girl—A boy and a girl are out joy riding when they get into a terrible car accident. The boyfriend remembers his father works at a government lab with some weird material that can reanimate the dead. Problem is now that his girl is back Goth and Hott she also wants BRAINS. Love is tragic in this case tragic for the human race.

8.Species— Lets mix unknown Alien DNA and Human DNA together what do we get the hottest sexiest Alien ever made. Problem is she wants to mate by the time she reaches Adult hood. Good idea but they should have watched Weird Science when it comes to making the perfect woman. Best part of the film is Alien designer HR Giger created Sil.

7. Mans Best Friends–Make the Best dog money can build just make sure it’s not more insane than CUJO. This puppy goes from sweet and innocent to vicious and evil. the only person it seems to not want to kill is the blind woman who adopts it while the military is hunting it. Love is blind!!!

6. The Fly(86 )— A scientist tries to create a matter transporter it works only problem is he forgot to check the tube when he teleported to make sure he was alone . This is more of a man becoming the monster but still messing in science  he shouldnt.

5. Re-Animator –Scientist Herbert West comes up with a special green serum to bring the dead back to life and to keep them living. He believes this will make him understand what death is like and how he can control it. Only problem is it makes them stark raving mad and crazy and all they want to do is kill and destroy. This scientist never watched a zombie movie.

4.Jurassic Park— Billionaire John Hammond clones Dino DNA and repopulate the species to show the world what these amazing creatures used to look like. He builds a park and forgets that Dinosaurs where the most powerful creatures ever created by GOD. Man had no business in trying to play god. Best summary of this whole movie God creates Dinosaur, God destroys Dinosaur, God Creates Man, Man Destroys God, Man recreates Dinosaur, Dinosaur eats Man, Woman inherits the Earth.

3. The Curse of Frankenstein–The Hammer films version of the Frankenstein story has  Victor and his friend  Krempe bring a dead dog back to life. Frankenstein suggests that now they must create life from scratch, but Krempe withdraws when Frankenstein suggests using human body-parts. Victor Frankenstein does eventually create a body utilising a corpse found swinging on a gallows, and hands and eyes purchased from charnel house workers. Next, he seeks the brain of a distinguished professor. this way his creation is smart, but it still hates its existence and want nothing more than to destroy and kill. The professors brain he uses wants nothing to do with its new horrible life.   Victor had good intentions but went about them all the wrong way just to prove he could make life from scratch.

2.Bride of Frankenstein–In order to give his creature a mate Victors Son creates a woman from scratch so his creature will not know the lonely ness he has felt thru the many years before he met his own wife. It works and he creates WOMAN but she is of course not given a sence of manners as the first site of her husband to be she hisses at him in disgust and the creature feels betrayed. Frankenstein and his wife flee as the Creature kills both himself and his bride. Love Hurts!!!

1.Frankenstien— This is number one because it was the first film to show us how mad a scientist can be when he puts his mind to it. Victor Frankenstein decides he can create life from mitched  matched parts. A man he can control. He had everything right about his project untill he decides to use the brain of a criminal. The creature wakes up angry frustrated and confused. It has no meaning of write or wrong. It grows to hate its master especially when victor tries to kill the creature.


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Horror Video Games

A lot of Horror Video games are coming this yearor have come out already, here is a list.  Dementium 2 will be reviewed on here by me soon. But for now check out the big list of great Horror Games

Dead Space 2

Saw 2

Castlevania: Lords of Shadows

Alan Wake

Demntium 2



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The Wolfman

I rarely go back over a movie I already covered but I thougth this need more attention, even more so since the BR is filled with material about the film

In 1941 Lon Chaney Jr gave us the greatest werewolf story ever with the Wolfman. It was silver screen horror brought to life the likes of which we had never seen before. Over the years we had other wolf films but none were as spooky and gothic as the original. Over the past 10 years we have had to suffer thru bad remakes of great horror movies that over acted the parts the actors were in or they were more about appeasing a teen audience that could not appreciate the original. At last we have one that holds up to its counterpart. The Vampire genre has been revived and reviled countless times. But it always seemed as the Werewolf always got the Silver bullet. Underworld and Twilight tried but lets face it those were more about Vampires than Werewolves.

 Benicio del Toro, Anthony Hopkins Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving star in this gothic horror thrill ride. It sets the films back in the late 19th century. del Toro plays Larry Talbot but since it’s the 19th century he’s called his proper name Lawrence. His father played by Anthony Hopkins summons him home to help find his missing brother. His brother was wed Emily Blunt’s character.  Lawrence then finds out his brother was killed by a monster. While helping a local gypsy clan. His brother was friends with, he is bitten and will become a werewolf. Hugo Weaving, is the inspector on the case but he shows how useless he is right in the beginning when it’s mentioned he worked on the Jack the Ripper fiasco a few years ago. Don’t count on him being much help! Interesting is that Hugo plays the good guy in this film, when most of his roles (Transformers, The Matrix) he plays an A-hole villain. The cast is top-notch and it shows with their performance thru the film. The director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3) really put a lot of detail into the film with the Wolf Cane and ring that Talbot has in his possession, are the same from the film years go. The makeup is fantastic since the same team worked on Jon Landis American Werewolf in London.

With that being said the down side of the movie is the cgi. Why in 1980 during American Werewolf were they able to do a realistic transformation but here its cgi? Guy you won and Oscar for that, what happened?? The backgrounds as wonderful as they look are also cgi. This sometimes takes away from what this movie can be sometimes. My only other hang up is s gothic as it looks it’s not as gothic as the 41 film. That was in B&W and it really helps it a lot. All in all this is a great Horror Movie.  Now that the film is on DVD people can check out what they missed in theaters. The bonus Material consists extra footage which contains the origin of the silver cane-sword and also the uncredited and completely removed part played by Max von Sydow who was the original owner of the cane. There is a massive amount of Bonus content on this film, however if u dont own a Blue Ray Player you have to track down the 2 disk set only sold at Best Buy. The best Bonus material in my opinion is

  • “Return of The Wolfman“: See how Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and director Joe Johnston tapped into the tragic roots of the legend and cinematic lore to unleash a new terror
  • “The Beast Maker”: A detailed look at how legendary make-up wizard Rick Baker transformed a classic monster into a modern nightmare
  • “Transformation Secrets”: Whether transforming werewolves, producing hallucinogenic nightmares or recreating the fog-covered streets of Victorian London, we’ll see how the visual effects team created a haunting world of moonlit monsters and unsettling thrills
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    Show Updates

    Tomorow David Williams will be on the show, a Sci-fi Author we had a chance to preview one of his books recently which is part of his Autumn Rain trilogy (after 2008’s The Mirrored Heavens and 2009’s The Burning Skies). his newst book is The Machinery of Light.

    He will be calling into the show at 1215am est.

    Next week me and Ryan will be going to RI to look in on the HP Lovecraft sites and The home of the first American Vampire.