Alien Nation EP 11 & 12: The Red Room & Spirit of 95

Welcome back to The Dead Tv Podcast as we talk about the next two episodes of Alien Nation and while Mistress Zeneca is taking care of her new club in PA Michael Ravenshadow from Trick or Treat Radio returns to the studio to chat with me about these two episodes 12/18/89 A break in at […]

Dracula 79 Mins 0-5: Opening Castle Shot

WELCOME to my Castle I am Count Dracula, I bid you adoiu, and welcome back to the Vampire Movie Minute Podcast after a short break we return with the 1979 Universal DRACULA movie. The First Universal Dracula Movie since the Monster era of 30s-50s. Scott and I and many guests are on a long journey […]

Hack/Slash Resurrection # 8

Welome back to the onlging hack/Slash Book this time we are joined by Author Matt Hickman and we are talking about the second Hack/Slash Vampirella Crossover. We will be on this for the next four episodes as we finish out Hack/Slash Resurrection. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music […]

SPN Creatures And Lore #57: My Bloody Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day I guess lol. Mel and I talk about cupids and cherubs and Valentine’s day nuttyness Castiel helps Dean and Sam hunt down Cupid after people start killing each other for love on Valentine’s Day. My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us from Japan. We pull the facts from a variety of sources […]

Alien Nation EP 7&8: Contact & Three to Tango

Welcome back to the Dead TV Podcast with these next two episode of Alien Nation but hopefully you enjoyed my brief interview with Sci-Fi Film Fest Director Garen Daly. This will be the last episode for Mistress Zeneca for the next month she will be back for our interview with Terri who played Cathy on […]

Hack/Slash Action Figure Review

In this episode we take a look at the brand new Cassie Hack Action Figure that just came out. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music for this episode is provided by Monster Mob their song Hack/Slash. The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show Sunday nights at 10pm est. […]

Alien Nation Eps 5&6: The First Cigar & Night of the Screams

We are back late into the month of January with two more episodes of Alien Nation. One of them is a Halloween themed episode which I wasn’t expecting. ep 5 George (Eric Pierpoint) accepts a loan from a Newcomer loan officer before discovering she is a drug czar. Guest star: James Greene. With Gary Graham. […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 70-75: Alucard????

We are down to the second to last part of the movie here on the podcast as revelations happen and we learns some truths about some characters and we say good bye to some characters. Hope you have enjoyed the podcast coverage of this amazing Anime movie. Please leave comments and corrections if they are […]

Vampire Hunter D mins 65-70: The Ceremony of the Damned

We are almost done with the 80s Anime Vampire Hunter D. Scott and I say HAPPY NEW YEAR and thank you for joining us for the first episode of the New Year. We have ONE more episode to go and it has a special guest star joining us. Please leave comments and corrections if they […]

Alien Nation Eps 3&4: Fountain of Youth & Little Lost Lamb

Happy New Year and HappY Holiday what ever it is you celebrate. Thanks for coming back to the Dead TV Podcast for our continuing coverage of Alien Nation the Series. ep 3 Air Date: 9/25/89 Sikes and Francisco (Gary Graham, Eric Pierpoint) investigate a doctor who is killing Newcomers to benefit human patients. ep4 Airdate: […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #56: A Very Supernatural Christmas Redux

MERRY CHRISTMAS we are back and covering the only Supernatural Christmas Special the show ever got. WHY, WHY is there no other Christmas Special for this show Eric, Sarah Edlund and more? Mel and I hope you enjoy this cover of Winter Pagan Gods as much as we did recording it. My Co-host Actress Mel […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 60-65: Lets Give Him a Hand

Merry Christmas we are back with a new episode of the Vampire Movie Minute Podcast as D loses his hand and regains it in a display of true affection for hand to save D and himself. Joining us for this podcast again is Chris and his Newphew TJ from the Jay and SIlent Bob Movie […]

Hack/Slash Resurrection #7

Happy Holidays from Goth Girl Horror the Official Hack/Slash Podcast. On the show tonight for this stand alone issue with Cat and Dog Kat and Pooch we have Multiverse Writer Greg Ellner joining us again. Check your emails btw we saw the Cassie Hack Action figure will be on its way soon we cant wait. […]