SPN Creature and Lore #65: Weekend At Bobby

This week we talk about Okami a Japanese Wolf creature that guards a village and in this episode we get none of that. Its a Japanese girl with bad teeth. But we do get one of the most fun episodes of the show Weekend at Bobby a Bobby Rufus Sheriff Jody Mills episode and Sam […]

Dracula 79 Mins 100-105: Death of Dracula

We are at the end of the movie almost here Loz the author joins me again to help finish off Dracula 79. Its the end of the film for the most part as we see Dracula dying Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling nature on our comment section. We […]

Dracula79 Mins 95-100: 1912 Hispano-Suiza Alfonso XIII

Today I am joined by British Horror Author Loz Cadman talking about the chase scene and a rather lack luster amount of action, The Car vs a horse drawn carriage is all we get Dracula Swooning Mina in these five mins. The beginning and ending of the five mins is just a lot of our […]

Werewolf the Series Ep 21&22: Nightmare in Blue & Hawk Moon

Two more episodes of the Werewolf the Series with Zeneca giving us a great over view of Skin Walkers and their history and how it connects to werewolfs. I do a podcast Called Supernatural Creatures and Lore and you can check out that episode for more on Skin Walkers from me and Actress Mel Heflin. […]

Hack/Slash vs The Seance Room

Hack/Slash vs The Seance Room

Ben Goldsmith returns to the show to talk about the Seance Room crossover from the kickstarter last year. It is a joy to have the creator on the show for these comics and Ben is a blast to talk to anytime. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music […]

Werewolf Ep 19 &20: Big Daddy & Eye of the Storm

We are back with another exciting episode of Werewolf the Series talking about these two and in the middle of the show we have a this look at Werewolves and a deep dive of their History from Mistress Zeneca. Eric is kidnapped by Will “Big Daddy” Fraser (Howard Duff), a dying politician who thinks werewolf […]

Dracula 79 Mins 90-95: R.I.P. Renfield

Dave Dyer returns and joins me for this episode covering Mins 90-95 of this incredible movie. We are nearing the end of the movie soon. We say good bye to Renfield, We talk about some of the other great Dracula’s and some history of the asylum. Please leave comments and corrections if they are not […]

Hack/Slash: Hot Shorts

Hack/Slash: Hot Shorts

A one shot comic book that collects the short stories from the Omnibuses that were raised on Kickstarter. I fly solo on this episode for a quick review of these short short stories. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music for this episode is provided by Mad Monster. The […]

Werewolf 17&18: Wolf hunt or Blood Ties

We return to Werewolf the Series with 2 more episode of the show HEre on the Dead Tv Podcast ep 17 Eric tries to protect a wolf from a merciless hunter. ep 18 While working as a grounds keeper on a large estate owned by a kindly old lady, she is brutally murdered in her […]

Dracula 79 Mins 85-90: With Guest Dave Dyer

Five more minutes of Dracula 79 with guest Dave Dyer from Cosmic Comics in Belleville IL. he will be joining me for two episodes of the podcast covering the next 10 mins of the movie. We have a few more scenes to go in this film and then we will be taking a break moving […]

The Crow Hack/Slash She Wears Shadows# 2,3,4

We are back after a long delay for the last few issues of this Hack/Slash story. With me from The Wizards Guide to Podcast Michael Schwartz. We cover these three issues quickly with some good points int he details of plot and art. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at […]

Dracula 79 Mins 80-85: Flame ON

Scott Baker joins me again from the Halls of the CIA this former Agent has become a Vampire novelist and a great one to boot. He joins me on this podcast again to talk abotu Dracula 79, this time with flaming cross special effect that looks so cool. Please leave comments and corrections if they […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #64: The Third Man

The first episode of the New Year is about the Weapons’ from heaven and the Angel Balthazar. We get as much info as we can as a lot of these “weapons from heaven” are made up for the show Supernatural. When three policemen are struck down by the plagues of Moses, the brothers investigate, calling […]