Vampire Hunter D Mins 15-20: Guest, Author Kelly Florence

Chris flies solo this episode as Scott is away for the next two and we have Author Kelly Florence on the show with us. A writer and podcaster herself and a professor. We talk about some relevant topics with white men deciding the fate of a woman and WOW. is Kelly Podcast with her […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins10-15: GASTON

We return this week with mins 10-15 and our guest Author Mark LeslieĀ  from our last episode rejoins us to talk abit more about his podcast this time and what its about. Check out link to Marks page and social media here Please leave comments and corrections if they are not of a trolling […]

Hack/Slash Resurection #2

We had a bit of delay but we are back with Hack/Slash Resurection #2 As C assie learns VLAD IS ALIVE, hense the name of the book. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and any distributor you can find podcasts. You can find us on twitter […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 5-10: Guest Author Mark Leslie

Scott and Chris are back to talk about the next five mins of this episdoe where D and Doris meet and we are joiend by Mark Leslie a Canadian author of horror and speculative fiction. He is the author of the short story collection One Hand Screaming, a collection of short stories and poetry, mostly […]

SPN Creatures and Lore #52 Lucifer Rising

Mel and Chris return to talk about Lucifer Rising and all the episodes of Lucifer the Devil played most of the time by Mark Peligrimo has been in before. We go into a dive into the biblical part of who Lucifer is as well and we talk about the culture impact the devil has had. […]

Reaper S2 Eps 7&8: The Good Soil & The Home Stretch

We are back with two more episodes from S2 eps 7&8 here on the Dead Tv Podcast as we come close to the end of our coverage of REAPER from the CW era. Ep7 4/18/09: The Devil once again forces Sam to team up with Morgan to take him on another soul capture quest. But […]

Vampire Hunter D Mins 0-5: The Far Too Distant Future.

WELCOME back to the Vampire Movie Minute Podcast we start our journey into ANIME for this episode covering the beloved 1980s film VAMPIRE HUNTER D. This is one of Chris favorite Vampire Movies ever. We start our five mins with Doris our heroine and damsel in distress sometimes encountering a werewolf and Please leave comments […]

Hack/Slash Resurection #1

WE ARE BACK with a brand new Hack/Slash Series Hack/Slash Resurections, and we have a special guest Ben Goldsmith from Source Point Press and creator of Seance Room comic book. Seance Room will have Cassie and Vlad guest star coming up later this year or next year. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link All episodes […]

Reaper S2 Ep 5&6: The Good Soil & The Home Stretch

After much delay we have returned for the podcast Chris had Covid and Zeneca had a bunch of events and vacation came in. Its been a busy few weeks. We are back with the next two episodes of Reaper. ep 5 After Sam catches another escaped soul, a female vampire, he, Sock and Ben find […]

Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #5

Hi thanks for being patient with us for this episode of HS Son of Sam Hain. Due to a lot of complications with Covid we had to re record this episode of Goth Girl Horror. We end the Son of Sam Hain Coverage today with Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain #5 and then start Resurrections […]

SPN C&L # 51: The Monster at the End of This Book

Mel and Chris return to talk about the various Supernatral novels that have been printed over the years 15 year run. This ties into the episode in s4 where Sam and Dean learn their adventures have been put into novels and are being published under a prophet for the lord Chuck aka GOD. There were […]

Reaper S2 Ep 3&4: The Sweet Science & The Favorite

We return with anothe rtwo great episodes of the tv series REAPER Ep 3 Ben wants to introduce Nina to Sock and Sam; the devil tells Sam he must send a prizefighter from the 1950s back to hell. Ep 4 The Devil introduces Sam to Morgan, his charming other son. Sam is tasked with giving […]

Hack/Slash Son of Sam Hain # 4

We return with the 4th issue of the Son of Sam Hain mini series. The song you hear at the beginning of the episode is by the band Sam Hain. Halloween Girl from YouTube joins Chris again to help cohost this episode of Goth Girl Horror. Halloween Girl’s YouTube Channel Link All episodes are […]

Reaper S2 Ep1 &2: Episode IV A New Hope

We are back on track with Reaper after a small break between seasons for the Dr. Strange Movie. We probably have the weirdest title for a podcast episode ever. Enjoy our run thru Reaper season two. We look forward to giving this show its proper due as we march to the finish line. This is […]