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Nightmare on Elm ST Theater Event


Entertainment Cinema Leominster, MA
Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 Movie Showing event!! 730pm Get there before to see the displays by our guests
Vesper Strand will be helping Dr. Chris from Radio of Horror WCUW 91.3 fm give out gory goodies!
Enter the SCREAM contest and win a prize bundle!!


Guests include: Horror Idols and Drive-In Horror Show.


Nightmare on Elm St Part 5 the Dream Child

Nightmare on Elm st Part 5: the Dream Child, continues the storyline of Alice in the final part of the Dream Trilogy.  Her bf Dan dies in a car accident and she learns she is pregnant with his child. Alice has the ability to control her dreams (an ability she gained from Kristen from Part 4) as to not bring back Freddy. The only problem is when a baby starts to develop it dreams and this baby can’t help but enter his mother’s dreams and dream of Freddy.  Freddy uses this as a chance to return once more. While Alice tried to save her child, her best friend seeks out the ghost of Amanda Kruegar Freddy’s mom, the only person who can save Alice’s child.

Part 5 did not do as well as the last installment and was a rehash of a storyline involving Freddy’s mom again.  In Part 3 we already got the ghost who helps everyone, it was not needed a second time around. Robert Englund is great as Freddy , but once again you can see the overly humorous side of the whole thing. It gets very slap sticky and weird at times. Hats off to the production team as we once again get a great look into the dream world that Freddy lives in. The grossest part is the Freddy baby that tries to be born, its sick and twisted at the same time.  If you’re looking for a bunch of great horror comedies the last few entries in the franchise can’t be beat in a twisted sick kind of way.  

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Nightmare on Elm St Part 4 The Dream Master

Nightmare on Elm St Part 4 : The Dream Master is the second part of the Dream trilogy. Kristen, Joey and Kincaid the survivors of the last film are once again having bad dreams. Because of this Freddy finds the strength to return. He stabs Kincaid in the chest, and drowns Joey. Kristen reveals the truth to her other classmates. Kristen’s mom betrays her and forces her to fall asleep allowing Freddy to kill her.  Before she dies she passes her ability to enter other people’s dreams to her new friend Alice, ( the new hero of the series). After her boy friend Dan is almost killed by Freddy, Alice takes the fight to Freddy’s world. She is able to defeat him using a spell that can stop bad dreams.

Part 4 cont Kristen’s story from the previous film. In this film she is now played by Pop star Tuesday Night. Patricia Arquette at this point had become too popular of a film star to return to the Nightmare franchise, like Johnny Depp before her.   This film was the highest grossing Nightmare film at this point (years later Freddy vs Jason would top it ) Friday the 13th Part 7 The New Blood also came out this summer and this was the real Freddy vs Jason as Freddy beat Jason to the tune of $49 mil to $19 mil. This was the first Nightmare movie I had ever seen and it still holds the test of time, as with part 3 Freddy was very silly but still scary. The special effects are fantastic and, some of the characters carry over to Part 5. This was also the first time Robert Englund was on Good Morning America to promote the film series.


Nightmare on Elm St Parts 3,4,5 The Dream Trilogy

I call Nightmare Parts 3,4,5  the Dream trilogy because they all have the word Dream in them and they are all connect in one way or another thru 2 main characters, in this review you will see how.

Part 3 The Dream Warriors— Kristen is having bad dreams, dreams of children jumping rope and a poem , One Two Freddy’s Coming for you, this is the beginging of terror. The last of the children of the parents that torched Freddy years ago, are all now in the psych word not able to deal with Freddy haunting them in their dreams.Joey who cannot speak, Taryn, an ex addict, Kincaid, a tough kid with behavioural problems, Phillip, a talented sculptor who it is implied has attempted to kill himself previously, Jennifer, a wannabe actress and Will, who is confined to a wheelchair. Here they meet Nancy from the first film. Her and Dr.Neil are the only one who belive these kids are being killed one by one by Freddy. As Nancy helps Kristen and the kids become Dream Warriors to fight Freddy. Dr.Neil and Nancy’s father track down the truth that Freddy is the son of a nun who comes to them as a ghost, and tell them he is the son of 100 maniacs who raped her in the asylum she worked in. This led to Freddy growing up as a demented and disturbed person.

Part 3 had many great cameos including Laurence Fishburne as a nurse at the hospital, Zsa Zsa Gabor, as her self, Heather Langenkamp returns as Nancy and John Saxson as her father. Patricia Arquette makes her feature film debut as Kristen the hero of the film after Nancy is killed. Wes Craven returned to Elm St as well as one of the writers and producers. This film is where New Line started throwing more money at the Elm St films because Freddy had become an Icon.  He appeared in everything from lunchbox to trading cards to Halloween costumes. this film was also the storyline for the Commodore 64 PC game, a kinda roleplaying Nightmare game.  The humor side of the films started in Part 3 as well, and by the 6th film Freddy was a joke. Love it or hate it this film had some of the best special effects and lines including one that Robert Englund is asked a lot to repeat,” Welcome to Prime time Bitch”. the best shot int he whole film is the giant Freddy snake tries to eat Kristen from the legs up. It’s a great obvious sexual innuendo reference . I would skip Part 2 and start with this film its the thrid best one in the series. 9/10

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The Elm st Legacy and Amber Benson

Tonight on Radio of Horror the Elm St Legacy Documentry Never Sleep again crew will be on the show.

Check out  for more info if you order today u get a little somthing signed by one of the stars find out who when u check out this amazing documentry

But first for ten mins we get the amazing Amber Benson from TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is now a great author and we will discuss her new book.

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Nightmare on elm St Part 1 and 2 Freddy’s Revenge Reviews

Nightmare on Elm St

In 1984 Director Wes Craven gave us the most popular of the modern-day Horror Icons, Freddy Krueger. Based on a story he read about kids dying in their sleep do to unexplained events and using the name of a bully who tormented him as a child, he created the child serial killer Freddy Krueger. Freddy was played by Robert Englund, the first film also stared unknown at that time Johnny Depp and Heather Langenkamp.

The plot revolves around Nancy (Langenkamp) and her friends are having bad dreams about a burnt man with nives on his fingers, slaking them in their sleep. He works his way thru each teenage killing them off in the most creative ways. As Nancy tried desperately to save her friends, she uncovers the truth behind a terrible secret on Elm st.  How this boogey man in her dreams and the adults on elm St are connected in ways she could never imagine.

this was a low budget film thru New Line who was just getting started in the film industry. they needed a film to build a company on. This is why for years Newline was known as the House that Freddy built. Robert Englund would go on to become one of the biggest horror icons since Boris Karloff or Bela Lugosi.

A year Later the studio rushed into production Nightmare on Elm St Part 2 Freddy’s Revenge. Now what or who is Freddy getting his revenge against. Nobody from the first film except for him is even in it. the plot revolves around a teen and his family move into Nancy’s old house and Freddy takes possession of the boy’s body to start his killing spree again.  Many people are killed and with the help of his gf thru the power of love he is able to defeat Freddy.  this entry is the weakest for many reason, 1. Wes Craven did not want there to be a sequel to the first film, 2. The idea Freddy uses someone else to commit his killing spree instead of him self lost the fans pretty fast. The only good thing about the film is Robert Englund returns as Freddy Krueger.

You could skip this movie and go right to Part 3, which will be in our next review.

Part 1 10 /10

Part 2 4/10


The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond

The Black Waters of Pond came out if u heard the show u heard my review here is an interview with one of the hottest stars from that film

The Black Waters of Echo Pond is the second Horror Movie you ever did right?

A: No, Black Waters was my third horror movie, my second was Pearblossom  AKA “Life Blood” 
What is you and your sister’s charecters in the movie??
 Elise played “Erica” and I played “Rene”
What was an eaiser exsperience for you Echos Pond or Planet Terror?
A: There is no “easy” when it comes to movie making. As glamourous as it sounds, Staying awake for 12 to 16 hours all night shoots for months can be very exhausting.  But being in set is my passion, so no matter how tired i was i still enjoyed it. I love working on every film, they feed my soul. The harder the better!
It seems the make up was a lot more intence than just looking glamourus like in Planet Terror??
A: Yes, very intense. The eye contacts were so funny, I kept telling Elise she looked like a baby deer. We got a kick out of the make up, we had never done anything like it. 
You are producer of a film coming up correct??
A: I am a producer of several films coming up, Yes. 1. “Not Another, Not Another Movie” with Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinny Jones, and Michael Madsen. 2. “Scout’s Honor” with Chris Kattan, Kip King, and Fred Willard  and “Ushers” (Cast is a secret).
Which is better in front of the camera or behind?
 A: INFRONT! I love to act, I was born for it. But being behind the camera gives me a completely different rush. So I LOVE BOTH!
Now with the upcoming film Machette what is your role in that?? I understand you can’t divulge too much.
A: I can’t say anything except that I play a sexy nurse.  
 Thanks Elektra for coming on the show and allowing us to post this Qand A and any oen interested in a signed picture of these two lovely ladies please send a cooment to this blog to find out how.
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VCI Entertainment Contest

We had on REP Chris Roe from VCI Entertainment on the show and if you can tell chris what R.A.M.RO.D. means then please email him at and you can win a copy of Saber Riders for free.

Follow VCI on Twitter and Facebook a well!/pages/Tulsa-OK/VCI-Classic-Films/275171497191?ref=ts

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Great Horror Game Downloads

Castlevania: Rondo of Blood

This is the long-awaited Rondo of Blood Game now downloadable on the Wii. In this entry of the Castlevania Franchise you play as Richter Belmont. Last seen in Dracula X for the Super Nintendo and Symphony of the Night. Dracula’s minions kidnap Richter’s 17-year-old girlfriend named Annette, a 12-year-old vampire huntress named Maria Renard, and two other local villagers; a nun known as Terra, and Iris, the daughter of the village doctor. Wielding the whip of his ancestors, Richter heads off toward Castlevania, facing many terrors along the way, from bone-arching skeletons to Death himself. This game is no different than other Castlevania games its side scrolling monster bashing good time. The music is top notch and the special effects when you cast a spell look awsome.  The graphics how ever on the Wii are not nearly as polished as Castlevania Adventure New beginning. They seem very dated. The biggest issue people have had with the game was no translation was done the characters speak in German for some reason, and the subtitles are still Japanese. This makes it downloadable to only the die-hard fans of the series who have never played the game before. If you want a polished and updated version Caslevania Dracula X Chronicles is on the PSP.

The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile

This dark and interesting little side scrolling beat-em up is the direct sequel to the X-box arcade hit The Dishwasher Dead Samurai. The game was a stylized artistic black and white violent game that you could play for hours and not get tired of. Little is know about the storyline of the game as of yet, in the  trailer a poem is recited by a female voice. During the poem she mentions three beings: The Banker, The General and The Judge. The poem ends with a promise: “Banker, General and Judge – you all shall burn in hell”. This indicates that perhaps the story will feature (similar in tone to its predecessor) as a quest for revenge against these three beings. The game was featured at Pax East 2010 and was very addictive to play. If you have not played the first one then download it now the new one will be out in Fall 2010.

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Where is the old Freddy Krueger

Robert Englund the original actor to portray Freddy Krueger thru 8 Nightmare films and a tv show and a few songs and other weird non film appearances is still doing what he does best and portraying great characters on-screen. He recently stepped down from the role of Freddy and Best Supporting Actor Nominie Jackie Earl Haley (Watchmen, Little Children) has taken over the role. On the April 15th episode of Bones, (titled Slasher) Englund will guest start in a walk on role as a janitor that works at Brenen’s old high school. Englund has been rumored to apear on V next season if the show is picked up for Season 2 by ABC. Englund was on the original V playing a good guy 2 years before he became the Child Serial Killer Freddy Krueger.

 Englund has done some recent voice work on The Spectacular Spider-Man as the Vulture and the Super Hero Squad as the Dreaded Dormamu. Two of his best or worst film recently have been Jack Brooks Monster hunter. In this he plays against type and is a good guy for once thru part of the film. the other is Zombie Strippers. If you have to watch Zombie then be warned it’s not his best work nor is it Jenna Jameson’s (who stars opposite Englund in the film) best work.  To catch him in a Nightmare related project check out Never Sleep again the upcoming Nightmare on Elm St documentary coming out May 5th.

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Coming Up on Radio of Horror

This Sunday at at 1230am Chris Roe from VCI Entertainment will be on the show to talk about Night of the Scare Crow and at 1:00 amest Author Ari Marmell author of  The Conqueror’s Shadow.  He has also worked on several Dungeons and Dragon books.

We are currently working with IDW to get the creator of their newest book Wire Hanger on the show Alan Roberts

A rep from Hudson’s newest game for the Wii The Calling will be on the show the 24th

TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer Amber Benson will be in the studio if she remembers lolol

Lady Killer author Vesper Strand will stop by in late May and possibly help co host the show

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The Return of the X-Files????

David Duchovney in a recent interview said he wants the X-Files to come back and come back big. He mentioned that Batman was given a second chance why not the X-Files Film franchise. Lets face it I want to Belive was not nearly as bad as Batman and Robin.  He would like another film mae. This next film would be referring to the Alien Invasion mentioned by our friend William B Davis in the final episode of the show. GillianAndersonat a con last year said she too would like to do another X-Files film.

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Clash of the Titans Review Part 2

Clash of the Titans–

In the new Clash of the Titans we get a Cgi Slug fest of Epic Proportions. This film follows the same formula as the last one but with some minor changes here or there. The lead role or Perseus is played by that guy from Avatar’s Sam Worthington. This is Sam’s third big CGI film. He seems to get involved in a lot of the swinging at air movies.

Liam Neesen and Ralph Fines round out the main cast as Zeus and Hades. You have to hand it to Liam Neesen the guy is in everything form a Jedi Night to Oscar Shindler to the King of the Gods. If you have seen the original then you may love or hate this film. I do not recommend seeing this in 3-D there are no BIG effects that are worth seeing because it’s a giant Blur in 3-D. that’s what happens when you transfer a film not intended to be 3-D to begin with.

This next part is a compare and contrast to the 81 film.  First this film was not released in 3-D. From what a lot of people have said about the new film that should not have been released in 3-D either. In the ’81 film Perseus falls in love and gets the princess he saves from the Kraken, the big monster at the end of the film. In the new film it seems Perseus could care less about her and just wants to kill Hades for killing his family. He does get a girl, and its the Immortal Evo. In the original Perseus welcomes the gifts from the Gods namely his father Zeus. In the new one he wants nothing to do with the Gods and spits on their name every chance he gets. That little bird I mentioned before is picked up out of a box of trash and told that it’s nothing important. The truth is Sam Worthington wanted nothing to do with the bird and was going to walk off the set if he had to work with the puppet any further.  

Check it out at the Leominster Entertainment Cinema.

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William B Davis and Electra & Elise Avellan

William B Davis better know as the Ciggarette Smoking Man from the X-Files will be on the show tonight at 1230am est.  Electra & Elise Avellan from the new movie The Black Waters of Echo Pond and the Super Sexy Baby Sitter Twins from Planet Terror will be on the show tonight at 1am est.