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Boston Comic Con 2010

The Boston Comic Con was this weekend and it was awesome. This year is the first year there will be no BCC Part 1 and 2 there is only one part. They also have been reduced to the basement of a fancy shmancy hotel, kinda like the cons of days of long ago. But this is a good thing as most people who attend live in Mom’s basement no I am kidding, well somewhat kidding. We picked up some great material like Haunt #1 a new book by Greg Capulo and Todd Macfarlane and Robert Kirkman. A Werewolf by Night Trade and other great stuff.

I met Jim Lee and Jim Starlin two Comic Book Legends!!!!!I got to meet some Horror Greats, Ben Templesmith (co-Creator of 30 Days of Night), he also agreed to come on the show YAH. Mike Mignola (creator of Hellboy), Mike Lilly (artist on Vampirella Revelations) he also agreed to come on the show and he donated a great print for us to auction off. Our friend Christopher Golden was there to sign our books as well. Amber Benson agreed to not only come on the show but to cum into the studio YAH. Bob and Scott two great local Worcester County Artist and friends of Radio of Horror were there with the Thats entertainment guys. Our thanks to Jim the owner of Bedrock Comic and his crew for allowing us to come to his great con. Thanks Jim See you next year.


Clash of the Titans Review Part 1

In 1981 a great Ray Harryhausen film came out that was a film to behold even to the gods. Clash was a great movie for its time. It opened a week or two around the time of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It had gret actors George Hamlin Lawrence Olivia Burgess Meradith, and Bond Girl Ursual Andrews. If you get real nitpick with the movie then you wont like how it compares to greek mythology. I saw this film when I was 7 years old and it blew me away I had never seen anything like it. Its on dvd and was just rereleased on dvd and now blueray. The one thing I never understood was what the hell that little bird was about. They had this little mechanical bird that Aphrodite gives Persias to help him on his journey. It made no sence what so ever. They say it was to belike his version of R2D2 but then they also said there bird was developed before Lucas made R2D2. So then your telling me they started working on Clash in 1976 before Star Wars came out in 1977. Then why did Clash not come out till 1981. There are some facts that make no sence, but the movie is still worth checking out.

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The Horror of BlockBuster Video

What is it when corporate people get together. must they never figure out if it’s not broken don’t fix it.  They have brought back late fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY everything was fine b4 this. In 2004 they did away with late fees. So many people owed them money and they did away with late fees gave everyone a fresh start. in 2010 they brought them back they give u one less day for the rental and they lowered the fee to $4.00. The fee is now a buck a day, guess they sw Red box doing a good thing. But their rental is only a dollar to begin with.  Last year they changed there online terms and really hurt people. I knew quite a few people who dropped them. Netflix has cornered the market on the online download with hits on X-Box PS3 and now the Wii. Blockbuster is suppose to unveil something called the Blue box to compete with Netflix.

They really need to take their head out of their ass and get there act together with Holly wood video filling Chapter 11 they are the only major Video chain in the world with stores u can pop into for a nightly rental.  This is a horror related article in terms of you use BB to rent the newest horror dvd blue ray or video game, just incase anyone was wondering. I leave with this article posted last month about the sorry ass state of BlockBuster video.

On March 12, 2010, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Blockbuster’s independent registered public accounting firm, issued its audit opinion disclosing substantial doubt about Blockbuster’s ability to continue as a going concern. This report was included in Blockbusters’s 10-K SEC filing. On March 17, 2010, Blockbuster issued a bankruptcy warning after continued drops in revenue threatened its ability to service it’s nearly 1 billion dollar debt load

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Christopher Golden and the BCC

Tomorow night Christopher Golden will be on the show, well a taped recording of Golden. We met back over the Summer, and a few weeks ago we taped his interview. You can meet Christopher at the Boston Comic Con 2010. He did a mini comic with Mike Mignola who will also be at the con this year. Jim Starlin the creator of the Infinity Gauntlet will also be there. Another big star is jim Lee, long time artist from the days of X-men Batman Superman And one of the founders of Image and WildCats.

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Supernatural Season 6?

Erik Kripke the creator of Supernatural has said that season 6 of the show will happen. But why tho??? The show has the fight between God and the Devil this season. What more could they do. Will have to stay tuned to find out. He did say that there is no more hiatus all new episodes up till the May finale. Next month issue 4 of the comic hits.