Nightmare on Elm St Parts 3,4,5 The Dream Trilogy

Nightmare on Elm St Parts 3,4,5 The Dream Trilogy

I call Nightmare Parts 3,4,5  the Dream trilogy because they all have the word Dream in them and they are all connect in one way or another thru 2 main characters, in this review you will see how.

Part 3 The Dream Warriors— Kristen is having bad dreams, dreams of children jumping rope and a poem , One Two Freddy’s Coming for you, this is the beginging of terror. The last of the children of the parents that torched Freddy years ago, are all now in the psych word not able to deal with Freddy haunting them in their dreams.Joey who cannot speak, Taryn, an ex addict, Kincaid, a tough kid with behavioural problems, Phillip, a talented sculptor who it is implied has attempted to kill himself previously, Jennifer, a wannabe actress and Will, who is confined to a wheelchair. Here they meet Nancy from the first film. Her and Dr.Neil are the only one who belive these kids are being killed one by one by Freddy. As Nancy helps Kristen and the kids become Dream Warriors to fight Freddy. Dr.Neil and Nancy’s father track down the truth that Freddy is the son of a nun who comes to them as a ghost, and tell them he is the son of 100 maniacs who raped her in the asylum she worked in. This led to Freddy growing up as a demented and disturbed person.

Part 3 had many great cameos including Laurence Fishburne as a nurse at the hospital, Zsa Zsa Gabor, as her self, Heather Langenkamp returns as Nancy and John Saxson as her father. Patricia Arquette makes her feature film debut as Kristen the hero of the film after Nancy is killed. Wes Craven returned to Elm St as well as one of the writers and producers. This film is where New Line started throwing more money at the Elm St films because Freddy had become an Icon.  He appeared in everything from lunchbox to trading cards to Halloween costumes. this film was also the storyline for the Commodore 64 PC game, a kinda roleplaying Nightmare game.  The humor side of the films started in Part 3 as well, and by the 6th film Freddy was a joke. Love it or hate it this film had some of the best special effects and lines including one that Robert Englund is asked a lot to repeat,” Welcome to Prime time Bitch”. the best shot int he whole film is the giant Freddy snake tries to eat Kristen from the legs up. It’s a great obvious sexual innuendo reference . I would skip Part 2 and start with this film its the thrid best one in the series. 9/10

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