The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond

The Black Waters of Echo’s Pond

The Black Waters of Pond came out if u heard the show u heard my review here is an interview with one of the hottest stars from that film

The Black Waters of Echo Pond is the second Horror Movie you ever did right?

A: No, Black Waters was my third horror movie, my second was Pearblossom  AKA “Life Blood” 
What is you and your sister’s charecters in the movie??
 Elise played “Erica” and I played “Rene”
What was an eaiser exsperience for you Echos Pond or Planet Terror?
A: There is no “easy” when it comes to movie making. As glamourous as it sounds, Staying awake for 12 to 16 hours all night shoots for months can be very exhausting.  But being in set is my passion, so no matter how tired i was i still enjoyed it. I love working on every film, they feed my soul. The harder the better!
It seems the make up was a lot more intence than just looking glamourus like in Planet Terror??
A: Yes, very intense. The eye contacts were so funny, I kept telling Elise she looked like a baby deer. We got a kick out of the make up, we had never done anything like it. 
You are producer of a film coming up correct??
A: I am a producer of several films coming up, Yes. 1. “Not Another, Not Another Movie” with Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Vinny Jones, and Michael Madsen. 2. “Scout’s Honor” with Chris Kattan, Kip King, and Fred Willard  and “Ushers” (Cast is a secret).
Which is better in front of the camera or behind?
 A: INFRONT! I love to act, I was born for it. But being behind the camera gives me a completely different rush. So I LOVE BOTH!
Now with the upcoming film Machette what is your role in that?? I understand you can’t divulge too much.
A: I can’t say anything except that I play a sexy nurse.  
 Thanks Elektra for coming on the show and allowing us to post this Qand A and any oen interested in a signed picture of these two lovely ladies please send a cooment to this blog to find out how.
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