Clash of the Titans Review Part 2
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Clash of the Titans Review Part 2

Clash of the Titans–

In the new Clash of the Titans we get a Cgi Slug fest of Epic Proportions. This film follows the same formula as the last one but with some minor changes here or there. The lead role or Perseus is played by that guy from Avatar’s Sam Worthington. This is Sam’s third big CGI film. He seems to get involved in a lot of the swinging at air movies.

Liam Neesen and Ralph Fines round out the main cast as Zeus and Hades. You have to hand it to Liam Neesen the guy is in everything form a Jedi Night to Oscar Shindler to the King of the Gods. If you have seen the original then you may love or hate this film. I do not recommend seeing this in 3-D there are no BIG effects that are worth seeing because it’s a giant Blur in 3-D. that’s what happens when you transfer a film not intended to be 3-D to begin with.

This next part is a compare and contrast to the 81 film.  First this film was not released in 3-D. From what a lot of people have said about the new film that should not have been released in 3-D either. In the ’81 film Perseus falls in love and gets the princess he saves from the Kraken, the big monster at the end of the film. In the new film it seems Perseus could care less about her and just wants to kill Hades for killing his family. He does get a girl, and its the Immortal Evo. In the original Perseus welcomes the gifts from the Gods namely his father Zeus. In the new one he wants nothing to do with the Gods and spits on their name every chance he gets. That little bird I mentioned before is picked up out of a box of trash and told that it’s nothing important. The truth is Sam Worthington wanted nothing to do with the bird and was going to walk off the set if he had to work with the puppet any further.  

Check it out at the Leominster Entertainment Cinema.

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