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Dead Rising 2 extra stuff

Just got an email from Game stop today about the extra junk you can get with Dead Rising 2. If you preorder the game you get a steel book and a pen aa extra disk with making of the game documentry, and more.  I still have to beat the first one on the Wii. lol  I have owned it for a year and pick it up and put it down lololol. This is what happens when you own one two many games.  Now they just anounced there is a Dead Rising movie in the works. Lets see if Capcom can have just as much success with this film as they have had with the Resident Evil movies. Only problem I forsee is the fact Dead Rising is almost similar to Dawn of the Dead. I am worried this potential for a great zombie movie will be tarnished as a rip off of the great Romero film. Time will tell.


Walking Dead vol 12 DELAYED

Thats Entertainment informed me today that The Walking Dead vol 12 is delayed currently untill Sep. Why?? Maybe they want to release it in connection with The TV Show maybe not. We at Radio of Horror will let you know as soon as we do.

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Wizard World and Rock and Shock

OK!!!!! Big Problem  Both Wizard World Boston and Rock and Shock are the same weekend. One will have George Romero the other will have half the cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Crap what to choose. Can I do both, maybe but that is a pain. On top of the Buffy cast they also have those comic guys. really wish R&S would book Horror comic guys. I keep trying to convince Gina and Kevin to book people who work in horror comics. o well.

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Vampires Suck

With films like Disaster Movie, Meet thte Spartans, and Super Hero Movie, I had become sick and tired of these spoof comedys they are not good at all. However I did just see the trailer for Vampires Suck and I actually laughed it looks really funny and off the top. Since I cant stand the Twilight films at all this is a good way to show our disgust.

And for more great Twilight bashing check out this site this is great stuff. I only wish they had the Edward Jacob segments from The Tonight Show with Conan O Brian

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Out of the Dark World’s Art Gallary Artist

David Christopher a local gothic artist who was featured recently in the newest issue of Worcester Magazine and who’s art you can view at Out of the Dark World tattoo parlor is on the show tonight and he is bringin a friend.  When we have more info about his stuff we will post it as well.  His name is Sam Johnson and his stuff looks screwed up too. But go to down town Worcester MA on Grafton St to see David’s amazing stuff.

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Nothing Special

No guest tonight. Its been a long time since we had no guest. Tonight will be a long run of music. The Crow soundtrack and The Phantom of the Opera music.

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Aliens in Films

In 1957 a little B-Movie called Invasion of the Saucer Men gave us a great example of man vs creatures from outer space. This film came out during an era where The US was afraid of the Soviets lurking around every corner. Since Orson Wells famous radio broadcast man was terrified of little green men from mars. ( Little did we know years later it would be grey men and we don’t know where they come from but I digress). This began a big wave of creature films where they hunt us, kill us eat us or hatch in side us. The creatures for the most part in these films look very rubbery and were to the point of unbelievable. It was more or less how the story was driven with the film as to whether or not you fully got into it whether these creatures were real or not. Ed Wood greatly helped this with his film Plan 9 From Outer Space. these films with he exception of  The day the Earth Stood Still and War of the Worlds. The other films of the era  made the aliens look cheesy and weird.

Over time with the help of great makeup artist Stan Winston the effects evolved. When Alien came out directed by Ridley Scott, We had at least 80 mins of no alien a little bit here a little bit there. Finally at the end BAM big shock and even today that creature scares the piss out of any one who has never seen it before.  Scott, Stan Winston and HR Giger ( the artist behind the aliens looks) gave us a look that would never be forgotten. . Stan Winston was a big help in several more Alien movie where he really made us belive an alien could kill us and not make us laugh our selves to death. Predator is another great example of his work and of how alien creatures have evolved. He was a full torso man looking creature. His body had all the characteristics of a man. He would move very well and not be all jerky. It helps that foam latex had come a long way to help an actor move better than he had before with out all the jerkyness. Alien films have come a long way and with the use of CGI it can help hinder the look of the film or greatly help it. The unknow thing in JJ Abrams Super 8 might also be a great example if we only know what it looked like. With Predators coming out Friday we can see that even good old men in costumes can still be used to mak a great film.


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Eclipse my Sanity

Once again The Twilight saga has reared its ugly head on us with its misuse of how Vampires should be portrayed. ( A good example would be currently in Marvel’s Death of Dracula one shot currently on sale.)  To sum up the Twilight saga so far, Girl moves to town meets boy. Girl finds out Boy is Vampire. Girl falls in love with Vampire just in time for him to leave. Girl falls in love with boy next door finds out he is a Were Wolf.  Vampire returns, now girl must decide is she likes her meat warm and fuzzy or icy cold. I will say one good thing about Twilight is it has brought many young people into the Horror genre. They are discovering what other forms of Vampire films are out there.

The dialog in this film can be summed up in one word terrible. The cheese is so strong you could cut it with a nife. In one scene when Edward and Bella are lying together he actually says “You will always be my Bella”. Why oh lord why did he say that. Thats something boy Twi fans ( kinda like a Trekie) say to there girl friends and it makes them pudding in their hands. In a scene that could be taken from Brokeback Mountain or a good adult film. Edward Jacob and Bella are all in a ten and Jacob tell Bells to take her clothes off to keep warm, something Edward wants to kill him for. It a smooth move on his part to win Bella over. Then Jacob and Edward have a tender moment with out wanting to kill each other. You want to laugh so hard with the tounge in cheek homo erotic nature of the scene. It’s the best comedy in the whole movie. The action fight scenes are right out of The Matrix there is so much wire work going on it makes the fight seem more ridicules than fictional. Having not read the book I can’t judge too much how it compares, but many Twi Fans have said the movie leaves a lot out and focusses way too much on Bella and Edward making goo goo eyes at each other. The acting really slows down the pace of the movie and you have to wonder why they don’t pick it up a notch after all the complaints from the first two films.

All in all it really is a long-winded chick flick and nothing no self-respecting guy can get behind. For a good guy fest Vampire movie check out John Carpenters Vampires staring James Woods. If you do go see it check it out at the Entertainment Cinema in Leominster MA.

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The BatMobile

On the show tonight is the owner of the Batmobile from the 1966 Adam West TV show. Chris   he will talk with us a little about the history of this historic car. Chris        was at Summer Nationals a event held every year in Worcester MA.