Paranormal Activity Leaves Us Shaking
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Paranormal Activity Leaves Us Shaking

Hey there Horror Fans!

Christina here, with your update. Quick shout out to David Chen (host of Slashfilmcast the official podcast of who sat behind us and Nic Baisley (aka The Film Snob who runs the lovely who sat next to us. Also massive thanks to the folks over at for putting together this little shin-dig.

Last night Dr. Chris and I attended the midnight (well 1am, it took them awhile) screening of Paranormal Activity in Brookline at the Coolidge Corner Theater.  And let me tell you, it was freaking scary.

Quick background info: It follows the lives of Katie and Micah who are being haunted. They film the experience non stop, leaving the camera stationary in the bedroom, recording them as they sleep. The movie builds you up from there, and shows the progression of the haunting. (Spoiler Alert: It gets scarier as it goes).

This movie rocked. You felt helpless as it went along, and you felt the same fear that Katie and Micah feel. There are lots of  “OMG” moments, and the ending will terrify you. The lights came up and lots of people were visibly shaking, myself included. It’s been a long time since a movie has shaken people up (The Blair Witch Project comes to mind) and if you didn’t go home and turn on all your lights (even if just for a moment) then Paranormal Activity didn’t do it’s job.

This movie is only getting a limited release, unless more people demand it. Go to and get this in your theater. (WARNING: Spoilers are in the “About” section of the site) It will blow your mind.

Tune into Radio of Horror this Sunday September 27th at midnight and get our full review.


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  1. chrisdsav
    September 30, 2009 at 5:23 am

    Christina’s review will be coming this Sunday night for she was unable to make the show last weekend.

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