Malcolm McDowell
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Malcolm McDowell

For all of you who missed tuning in to Malcolm’s interview here are some of the highlights:

We talked briefly about “Heroes”, he enjoyed working on the show though we joked that it had to be explained to him.

“Halloween 2” was mentioned and not a bad word could be found about director Rob Zombie.

“Fallout 3” direct quote “I got to play the president, so that was cool”. We joked about a “Clockwork Orange” video game (we should totally make this a reality by the way).

We also briefly touched on today’s media and the age of reality tv. Turns out, he doesn’t like it either.

We also mentioned his stint on “Entourage”. Christina had a chance to profess her love for Jeremy Piven, but failed to take it.

If anyone manages to have the patience to wait in line for Malcolm at Rock-N-Shock let him know if you heard him here, on Radio of Horror.

Speaking of Rock-N-Shock, you can garentee that not only will we be line, but we’ll be crusing the floor. Say hi!

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