Jennifer’s Body True Blood and Grace
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Jennifer’s Body True Blood and Grace

Jenifer’s Body is that type of movie which should have been made into porn for it would have come across a lot better than it did as a major motion picture. I did have to admit that any succubus that looks like Megan Fox is define worth it, how ever this movie is so not worth it. It has half fleshed out ideas and then goes no where with them. The idea behind a band making a deal with Satan for a sacrifice to become more popular is  not entirely original, the tweak in it comes when the virgin sacrifice is not really a virgin. The wrighting by Juno creator Diablo Cody is similar to Juno, so that in itself is a plus.  If you do go see this movie take it with a grain of salt, and dont go in it expecting something better than everything else we got these past two months so far.  I also like to thank everyone who came out to Leominster Entertainment Cinema and got a free Jenifer’s Body poster.

Grace came on this dvd the thought of a dead baby coming back to life is way more fucked up than Megan Fox in a leading role. I look forward to this movie.

True Blood ended with the same ending as last season so that was a disappointment, how they end the Maryann story line was very cool. I do recommend reading Living Dead in Dallas the book that S2 is based on it might help some.

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