Christmas Horror Movies Part 3
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Christmas Horror Movies Part 3

The Nightmare Before Christmas

In 1993 we were brought to a world not seen since the days of stop motion animation and claymation. Tim Burton meshed two of the biggest Holidays together in a wy no one thought possible. Nightmare before X-mas stared Chris Sarandon and Catherine O Hara. It was about a lovable townsman named Jack Skelington who lives in the town of
Halloween and discovers Christmas and wants to bring it to all the people of Halloween. In doing so he gets Santa Claus kidnapped and nearly destroys Christmas for the rest of the world.  The music is done by Danny Elfman and does  superb job of it. In later years Fall out boy and Marilyn Manson and many others have covered the songs on the soundtrack. The two biggest songs you may hear on the radio a lot are Whats This and This is Halloween.  The film has been released on dvd several times with loads of great bonus material. The dvd even includes a short called Frankenweenie which is about a Frankenstein type dog. The animation is early use of the style found in Nightmare.

There has been no sequel but Jack does show up in Kingdom Hearts video games for the PS2 and Nintendo DS. In 2004 Nightmare returned to the big screen for a 3-d showing. It was such a huge hit, every Halloween it is shown in 3-d in theaters that carry it.

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  1. Kate
    December 17, 2009 at 3:45 am

    I saw this movie at that theater you always recomend on your show. You were right the prices are much more afordable than other theaters. Also the food there does not seem to be badly over priced unlike some other theaters either.I had a great time seeing this in 3-d. I went to the theater to see Transylmania hoping for the prizes you mentioned but the theater person said it was not there. I hope you do something for Daybreakers and look forward to more events at this theater.

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