Christmas Horror Movies Part 1
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Christmas Horror Movies Part 1

Over the next few weeks we will be discussing X-Mas horror movies. This will include 5 silent Night films and 4 Random other Horror movies. ALso some interesting TV shows that are horror related and Christmas related.

Tonight will be GREMLINS

Its kind of Christmas movie in the sence it takes place at that time of the year. The movie stars Zack Gallagan Phoebe Cates and Corey Feldman. Zack plays Billy a kid who gets a adorable Mogwai as a gift from his dad. His dad stole him form  shop in China town and was told three rules never get him wet never feed him after midnight nd never expose him to sunlight. Of course Billy breaks all those rules and hell breaks loose on a small town on Christmas Eve. Gizmo multiplies into hundreds of demented gremlins and they get all green and sticky and just plain mean. This Movie uses some of the best puppet work since the Star Wars movies and we really never see anything like it today, unless u count the Muppets. Frank Welker plays the voice of the lead gremlin Stripe. He was best known for Megatron from Transformers and Dr.Claw in Inspector Gadget. The things the Gremlins do in this movie are so over the top its unbelievable. They kill the only real villain in the movie. A mean old bitch who gets her just deserts for being such a horrible human being . She wanted to kill Billy’s dog so the gremlins can’t be all that bad. They seem more like wanting to cause mischief than being evil. The movie was released on dvd in a decent special edition. A sequel was made  2 the new batch. check them both out on dvd.

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  1. GariadroX
    December 11, 2009 at 7:58 pm

    Lots of folks write about this issue but you wrote down really true words!!

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