Christmas Horror Movies Part 5

Christmas Horror Movies Part 5

Silent Night Deadly Night

In 1984 a small little horror movie came out during the Holiday season that was considered the last straw with slasher films for moms across America. This helped one of the tag lines connect to the film The film They tried to ban this movie because of the use of Santa Claus as a Serial Killer. This movie depicted a killer Santa cutting up teenagers. The movie was the third or fourth film to use X-mas as the stage for a slasher movie.  The movie revolves around a man trying to get revenge on Christmas Eve  by going after there kids years later. The movie has been released on dvd twice. The second dvd release was last year and is the better recommendation. SNDL was the only x-mas and for that matter Holiday Horror movie outside Halloween to spawn multiple sequels.

There are 4 other films in the series SNDL2, SNDL3 Better Watch Out, SNDL4 Initiation. SNDL5 The Toy Maker. The only one I can really recommend is part 1.  A remake was on the way but was halted and we never heard anymore about it.

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  1. Indie Genius
    January 15, 2010 at 5:24 pm

    I vividly remember when this film came out and all the brouhaha it caused. The film was fine and the controversy has helped keep it alive through some of those really bad sequels.


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