Brittany Murphy Dies Dies at 32
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Brittany Murphy Dies Dies at 32

Even tho she was not as well-known as her co-star of the hit Clueless Alicia Silverstone. BM is best known to horror fans as the heroine in the movie Cherry Falls a Direct to DVD movie about a serial killer that kills virgins trying to lose their virginity.  Her co-star in the movie was Micheal Bien of Terminator fame.  Her cause of death is unknown.  This and Don’t say a Word with Michael Douglas was her two only horror movies. She will be sadly missed.

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  1. urdead2me
    December 20, 2009 at 10:14 pm

    RIP – Brittany Murphy, 32 had a whirl-wind Hollywood career: acting, singing, high profile relationships, temper tantrums, eating disorders. Even a mobster father. Now she has the classic ‘die young – stay pretty’ thing going too.

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