Left for Dead 2

Left for Dead 2

Sorry for the lateness, I finally was able to tear my eyes away from my xbox360 long enough to talk about Left For Dead 2. If you’re not aware, LFD follows a simple plotline. You are part of a team (you can play as any of the characters) who is left behind. They have to fight their way from point A to point B all while killing zombies. Not just sny old zombies either, you gotta fend off the “special” zombies.
We now have Jockey’s, mutated zombies that jump on your back and take you down. We also have zombies in riot gear and zombies in hazmat suits.
Here’s why it’s better than the first one:
-Better co-op online gaming. There are more mini-challenges within each level (trust me, the carnival level will make you pull your hair out), and as before, you can play as either a team member or a special zombie.
-MELEE WEAPONS!! No longer are we stuck with just different types of guns, we can now bash in zombie’s faces with a machette, a cricket bat, a FRYING PAN among others.
-Adrenline shots. These provide a big boost as a last resort.
-The graphics are better, there really wasn’t a need for improvement on the graphics.

If you love zombies, check it out. It’s a great game to waste time to and a great stress-reliever. Check it out.

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