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Juliet Landau and Chris Carnel on RoH

Tonight at 1230am from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel and Ed Wood Actrerss Juliet Landau. She will be discussing her current project Take Flight, a documentry on actor Gary Oldman.  Then at 1am Stunt man Chris Carnel, you can check out his most dangerous stunt in The Crazies the new horror movie opening this weekend.

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Shutter Island #1 at the box office

Even tho last week the Wolfman did not make number one the thiller from Scorecece did. Shutter Island came in at number 1 with 40 mil. The wolman was 5th. Avatar made another 16 mil. This film is well on its way to making 700 mil world wide.  Check them all out at the Entertainment Cinema in Leominster MA.

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Great Horror Game Downloads

Resident Evil 5:Lost in a Nightmare—The first of the RE5 download levels is now up on PS3 and Xbox360. This is the story of how Jill dies before the events of RE5. It clocks in under and hour or so and hackers back to the original game play of the first game.

Castlevania Adventure A New beginning—This is a remake of the classic game for the Nintendo Game Boy. this is also the hardest of all the Castlevania games. One big issue is it had no sub weapons and made it very frustrating on top of how hard the enemies were. It stars Christopher Belmont. He would star in the sequel and in the Belmont Legacy comic Book thru IDW. You can check it out on the Wii Ware.


Frank Veach Rip 1935-2010

Grandfather to my son Frank Veach died Wed. Sorry for the updates on the blog they will be coming to night, for Comics, TV, Video Games and Shutter Island.

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Shutter Island

When you look at a film like Shutter Island you know your in for an emotional roller costar of suspense and a good popcorn thriller. Shutter Island is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. Now I have not read the novel and many people told me its one of those nail bitters you can’t put down.  The movie was a little like that. As it was slow-paced at times and other it moved quickly and made you not want to wait for the next scene. Martin Scorsese goes back to what he did in Cape Fear and gives us a great thriller. Maybe not as cut and dry as before, but a thriller no less.

 Leonardo Dicaprio plays Us Marshall Teddy. Him and his partner are on their way to an asylum to look for a missing patient. The asylum is run by a shrink played by Ben Kingsly. They go thru the history of the island and why the patient escaped. They learn the house of un-American activates funds the island, and this begins the paranoid decent into madness the island takes them. If u pay close attention to certain details you can tell whats coming in the end. This both disappointed me and made me enjoy the film even more.

This film should get a decent nod at the Oscars for Scorsese, big problem is it got hurt by being pushed back to Feb from a Oct release date. We will have to see what happens next year in 2011. Check the film out at the Leominster Ma Entertainment Cinema.

Comic Books

Sci-fi/Horror Comics Feb 2010

Blackest Night: #7, GreenLantern#51, GreenLantern#47,— We con’t the storyline where the dead rise and the living must band together to defeat them. In GL Hal and the new Corps must stop Paralex(currently Hal Jordon again) and then the The Black Lantern . Over in GLC Kyle, Kilowag and John and the other Gls with the help of the Indigo tribe must Save Guy Gardner from fully becoming a Red Lantern. All these books are great They are among the best of the tie ins to the main story line. You might also want to check out Blackest Night Wonder Woman and Flash as they deal with WW and Flash becoming a Star Saphire and Blue Lantern.

Walking Dead #70– Our intrepid band has finally hit Washington DC and they hope they have found peace at last or have they. Could this quiet little town be  just like the prison, or something worse. I don’t read the monthly WD I usually read the TPB that come out. If you can’t wait for the trades please pick up every month. Its one of the best Horror Comics out there and one of the best ever written. Kirkman does an amazing job every month on a book that needs more recognition.  This is Horror drama at its best.

IronMan—Ironman does fall in to the Sci-Fi category. WIth the new film on the way I thought this be the best time to go over some of his books. I am Ironman is like Ironman 1.5. It acts as an in between for the two films. It also has great art work by Sean Chen. Then there’s Ironman vs Whiplash. This is basically a run ow of their history together. Another book to get u pumped up for the movie. Invisible Ironman is he ongoing title. This currently deals with Tony being restructured in to what he was before Warren Ellis made him like a living Metal Man. Then theres Seige the big Marvel crossover. This book will have Ironman returning at the end of issue 3 to help Cap and Thor kick Osbornes ass.  If you area ig fan of IM I recommend checking out I am IronMan and IIM. IIM won a Esiner award for best series of 09.

Lock and Key—A great horror novel that has a new volume coming out soon from IDW. This is written by Joe Hill  this is one of the creapiest books around vol 2 is coming out very soon in hardcover and vol 1 is currently available.

The Stand—The TPB is finally out in print, I think it came out last month.  Issue 3 of the current vol is out now. This is a fantastic adaptation of King’s work and worth checking out if you love the book and the movie.

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The Wolfman

In 1941 Lon Chaney Jr gave us the greatest werewolf story ever with the Wolfman. It was silver screen horror brought to life the likes of which we had never seen before. Over the years we had other wolf films but none were as spooky and gothic as the original. Over the past 10 years we have had to suffer thru bad remakes of great horror movies that over acted the parts the actors were in or they were more about appeasing a teen audience that could not appreciate the original. At last we have one that holds up to its counterpart. The Vampire genre has been revied and reviled countless times. But it always seemed as the Werewolf always got the Silver bullet. Underworld and Twilight tried but lets face it those were more about Vampires than Werewolves.

 Benicio Del Toro, Anthony Hopkins Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving star in this gothic horror thrill ride. It sets the films back in the late 19th century. Del Toro plays Larry Talbot but since it’s the 19th century he’s called his proper name Lawrence. His father played by Anthony Hopkins summons him home to help find his missing brother. His brother was wed Emily Blunt’s character.  Lawrence then finds out his brother was killed by a monster. While helping some gypsys his brother was friends with, he is bitten and will become a werewolf. Hugo Weaving, is the inspector on the case but he shows how useless he is right in the begining when it’s mentioned he worked on the Jack the Ripper fiasco a few years ago. Don’t count on him being much help! Interesting is that Hugo plays the good guy in this film, when most of his roles (Transformers, The Matrix) he plays an A-hole villain. The cast is top-notch and it shows with their performance thru the film. The director Joe Johnston (Jurassic Park 3) really put a lot of detail into the film with the Wolf Cane and ring that Talbot has in his possession, are the same from the film years go. The makeup is fantastic since the same team worked on Jon Landis American Werewolf in London.

With that being said the down side of the movie is the cgi. Why in 1980 during American Werewolf were they able to do a realistic transformation but here its cgi? Guy you won and Oscar for that, what happened?? The backgrounds as wonderful as they look are also cgi. This sometimes takes away from what this movie cn be sometimes. My only other hang up is s gothic as it looks it’s not as gothic as the 41 film. That was in B&W and it really helps it a lot. All in all this is a great Horror Movie. I can’t wait for the dvd. If you want to see the original it just got re-released on dvd and blue-ray.

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Lucretia’s Dagger

In studio Sunday Night

Lucretia’s Daggers is pleased to announce that we have been invited for an interview on Dr. Chris’ Radio of Horror, on WCUW 91.3FM, Worcester Community Radio, this Sunday, Feb. 14, Valentine’s Night, midnight to 1AM! Check out the station on the Dr. Chris/WCUW Blog, Facebook, and MySpace. You can listen live at by clicking on the “WCUW LIVE LISTEN NOW!” box on the left. Lucretia X. Machina will be in the studio, no doubt playing’s Dr. Chris’ favorite, “The Horrors of Retail”. With any luck, I will joined by LD’s newest member and exemplary electronic drummer, Faust, with special guest: Jason Skulls, bassist of NH gothic metal band, Mortuus Ortus (Mor-choo-us Or-tus)!

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The Wolfman Event in Leominster MA

This Fridayat 7:30pm in Leominster Ma at the Entertainment Cinema, Radio of Horror, Horror Idols and the Drive In Horror Show will be on hand to give away prizes. Are new co-host Ashley will also be on hand.  We will have Wolfman posters and the new Horror Hound as prizes. Come by say hi and see a great classic brought back to life. Come early to win a prize.