Shutter Island
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Shutter Island

When you look at a film like Shutter Island you know your in for an emotional roller costar of suspense and a good popcorn thriller. Shutter Island is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. Now I have not read the novel and many people told me its one of those nail bitters you can’t put down.  The movie was a little like that. As it was slow-paced at times and other it moved quickly and made you not want to wait for the next scene. Martin Scorsese goes back to what he did in Cape Fear and gives us a great thriller. Maybe not as cut and dry as before, but a thriller no less.

 Leonardo Dicaprio plays Us Marshall Teddy. Him and his partner are on their way to an asylum to look for a missing patient. The asylum is run by a shrink played by Ben Kingsly. They go thru the history of the island and why the patient escaped. They learn the house of un-American activates funds the island, and this begins the paranoid decent into madness the island takes them. If u pay close attention to certain details you can tell whats coming in the end. This both disappointed me and made me enjoy the film even more.

This film should get a decent nod at the Oscars for Scorsese, big problem is it got hurt by being pushed back to Feb from a Oct release date. We will have to see what happens next year in 2011. Check the film out at the Leominster Ma Entertainment Cinema.

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