The House of the Devil

In the late 70s early 80s there was much fear of satanic cults. This is used as the central plot for this film. The film doesn’t use satire or irony to convey the story. It plays straight to be as true as possible to the style of the horror films from that time period. The film is about a young college student named Sam who takes a babysitting job just to find out there is no baby and she is suppose to house sit an elderly woman. Little does she know the couple plan to use her in there satanic rituals. This movie makes so many other horror films made today look like crap.  The style and care that went into it is amazing.. The husband played by the great Tom Noonan who has played some of the most vile villains in film. He has this very creepy but gentle way about him., that helps seduce Sam into the role of the baby sitter.  The creepiness of the film is carried out thru Sam being alone in the house for so long. This was definitely more scary than what came in the end. The movie is directed by Ti West who has a list of horror films under him ( imdb him but skip Cabin Fever 2). The dvd and Blue have great commentary and the usual behind the scenes stuff. The best thing to look for is it was released on VHS also has an homage to those old horror films from the days of truly creepy cinema.

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Author Joe Schreiber on the show tonight

Joe Schreiber wrote the novel Star Wars Death Troopers. This is the first Star Wars horror novel and its really good.  He will be calling in about 12:30 am .  We wil talk Star Wars his carear video game toys anything geeky a fellow Star Wars fan should know. Check out his other great horror novel No door No windows, both from Del Ray books.