Witchblade S2 Ep 2&3: Destiny & Agape

Witchblade S2 Ep 2&3: Destiny & Agape

We return with two episodes this time in Season 2 of the Top Cow based Detective show. We talk abit about the Magdalana another Top Cow character tied to the Witchblade Mythos.

Ep2: Airdate June,16th 2002 Sara manages to save her partner, Danny Woo, but Kenneth Irons procures an ancient weapon capable of destroying both her and the Witchblade. Sara meets Gabriel again for the first time.

Ep3: Airdate June 17th 2002 Rookie detective Jake McCarthy must work with Sara and Danny investigating drug-related murders which cause him to get wrapped up in events similar to Training Day the movie.

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes for us that would be great. Music from this episode is provided to us by Jess-O-Lantern. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Sponsor for the Radio of Horror network

The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Witchblade S2 Ep 2&3: Destiny & Agape
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