Witchblade S1 ep2&3: Conundrum & Diplopia

Witchblade S1 ep2&3: Conundrum & Diplopia

Thanks for coming back to Witchblade the tv series this week, Mistress Zeneca cover two episodes of this amazing show.

ep2: Air date June 19, 2001

Sara and Jake investigate when skeletal remains are found carefully posed in a downtown park. Using missing person reports, they determine that the remains are those of Gina Maris, a model

ep3: Air date June 26,2001

Sara and Jake investigate a series of serial murders in the art community All of the cases somehow seem related to artist Isaac Sullivan. Much of the case involves the gay community and Sara takes Jake to task over his homophobia. Sara meets Gabriel Bowman and continues to learn about the history of the Witchblade

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The Dead TV Podcast
Witchblade S1 ep2&3: Conundrum & Diplopia
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  1. Chad
    February 23, 2020 at 9:34 pm

    A couple thoughts on these episodes.

    First just a small thing, you don’t need an eye witness for a criminal trial, in fact sometimes it’s best not to allow them to testify because of the trauma. The cops had tons of physical evidence to convict her, and that is much more solid than testimonies. The medusa thing is a big weird, but I took it to mean that she either is part gorgon (the species of medusa) or she just has some part of her spirit inside her. We know her and Kenneth Irons were dabbling in more relics than just the Witchblade so either she was special before the witchblade or during their experimentations with some artifacts she ended up becoming part mystical (well she obviously did in some way cause she became immortal until the second encounter with the witchblade.)

    The the second episode I liked how they treated Jake’s homophobia, sure it’s kinda a thing that brings down his character but having characters with flaws is good. He also was a good example of a lot of peoples idea’s about gays, that he would know one if he saw one, or that he jumped to conclusions before he knew he was doing it. Sara was totally in the right in dogging him all the way to the bathroom too, and continuing to push him too, because it was interfering with his job. If it was just his personal life, then maybe she should have been more chill, but it was making him unable to do his job properly.

    As for the club scene and the bad wig, I took it as Sara going in drag and in that case it isn’t always supposed to look flawless. So it was totally appropriate for it to look cheep and kinda bad, I kinda liked that it looked bad.

    Anyways, keep up the good work on the podcast, enjoying the show.
    snake medusa

    • Chris
      February 23, 2020 at 10:16 pm

      Thanks Chad

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