Witchblade Ep 6&7: Maelstrom & Periculum

Witchblade Ep 6&7: Maelstrom & Periculum

We hope every one is staying safe and enjoy this new episode of the Podcast. I hope we all get thru this pandemic together and help each other out enjoy this great episode of the podcast. Matt Hawkins joins us from Top Cow COmics this week and We talk about Hentai in the second half lol.

Ep6: Air Date 7/17/2001

Sara has to rescue her boyfriend, Concobar, when an Irish gang kidnaps him. They’re actually looking for his older brother Edward, a member of he Irish Republican Army who reputedly set off

Ep7: Air Date 7/24/2001

Sara is grieving over the loss of Conchobar and her partner Jake is worried about her well-being. The time has come for Sara to undergo a test of worthiness, the Periculum.

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes for us that would be great. Music from this episode is provided to us by Jess-O-Lantern. Don’t forget to check out our awesome Sponsor for the Radio of Horror network

The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Witchblade Ep 6&7: Maelstrom & Periculum
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