Werewolf Ep 19 &20: Big Daddy & Eye of the Storm

Werewolf Ep 19 &20: Big Daddy & Eye of the Storm

We are back with another exciting episode of Werewolf the Series talking about these two and in the middle of the show we have a this look at Werewolves and a deep dive of their History from Mistress Zeneca.

Eric is kidnapped by Will “Big Daddy” Fraser (Howard Duff), a dying politician who thinks werewolf blood will give him immortality.

Snow traps Eric and six murder suspects in a mountain lodge.

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes, Sticher, Google Play, or Audible for us that would be great. Music from this episode is provided to us by Jess-O-Lantern.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Werewolf Ep 19 &20: Big Daddy & Eye of the Storm
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