SPN CL: Sex and Violence

SPN CL: Sex and Violence

MEL AND CHRIS are back in 2021 with a brand new episode Covering Sirens here on Supernatural Creatures and Lore Podcast. Hope you all had a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas.

When Sam and Dean investigate a Siren who caused three small-town men to beat their wives to death, they soon fall under her spell and wage war on each other.

My Co-host Actress Mel Heflin joins us from Japan. We pull the facts from a variety of sources and books, anything left out or facts you disagree with please be aware we are not experts in this field. Thanks to Jess-O-Lantern for the theme song. Thanks to Doragon Ramen Noodles for being with us as our new sponsor

Supernatural Creatures and Lore
Supernatural Creatures and Lore
SPN CL: Sex and Violence
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