Spawn The Animated Series S2 Ep 4,5&6

Spawn The Animated Series S2 Ep 4,5&6

Ep4 Send in the KKKlowns..June 5, 1998
Ep5 Deathblow..June 12, 1998
Ep6 Hellzapoppin..June 19, 1998

We have come to the end of SPAWN the animated series season 2. We will be finishing season 3 in June. We are covering this 90s cartoon from HBO 3 episodes at a time. Spawn comes from the mind of Image co-founder Todd Mcfarlane. It ran for 3 seasons of 6 episodes each. At the beginning of the episode we talk about Dead Pool 2 and Avengers Infinity War so be careful if you have not seen these movies yet. Deadpool and Spawn have a lot in common in the gorgeous looks department.

We will be covering Spawn the animated series till early Summer then we will be back for Friday the 13th the series.

This time we look at Spawn Episodes 4,5,and 6 from Season 2. I your host Dr.Chris am joined by the amazing and talented Mistress Zeneca.

Ep4. A racist murderer terrorizes the city Malebolgia and attacks Terry, Terry Fitzgerald chases Wynn and observes Wanda, he suspects that she can be a traitor.

Ep5. A reporter comes to town investigating a double murder and the investigation leads her to Sen. McMillan and Billy Kincaid; Wynn sends an agent to kill Wanda and Cyan.

Ep6. Cog advises Spawn to forget his past, causing an argument about it; Spawn tells Wynn that he will come for him at midnight; Lisa investigates stolen weapons.

Three episodes every other week we host The Dead Tv Podcast. This show has 3 seasons and is the longest show we ever had a chance to cover.

Thanks to Jess O Lantern for are awesome theme song.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Spawn The Animated Series S2 Ep 4,5&6
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