Reaper Eps 16 & 17: Greg Shmeg and The Leak

Reaper Eps 16 & 17: Greg Shmeg and The Leak

We are down to the last few episodes of season 1 of Reaper and mistress Zeneca is half way thru her show Brimstone.

Air date May 6: Andi’s ex-boyfriend returns, and asks her out. To Sam’s surprise, she says yes. Meanwhile, Ben’s fake marriage to Sarah becomes increasingly taxing, with Sarah making a big announcement.

Air date 5/13: The Devil tells Sam that there is a leak in hell because the escaped soul (Mike) that Sam sent to him keeps returning to Earth. Sam and the guys discover that Gladys is helping the soul escape back to Earth and they don’t know what to do because she is a friend.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Reaper Eps 16 & 17: Greg Shmeg and The Leak
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