Hack/Slash vs Chaos! #1

Hack/Slash vs Chaos! #1

Welcome back to GOTH GIRL HORROR the Hack/Slash Podcast and we return with this new cross over mini series and TIM SEELEY joins me once again to give his insight into this crossover with refugees from the Chaos universe originally created by Brian Pulido

Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music for this episode is provided by Monster Mob their song Hack/Slash. The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show Sunday nights at 10pm est. Please email us at

Goth Girl Horror: The Hack/Slash Podcast
Goth Girl Horror: The Hack/Slash Podcast
Hack/Slash vs Chaos! #1
Written by Chris

Writer and radio show host in Worcester Ma

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  1. Brian Kenney
    September 16, 2023 at 1:53 am

    Love your podcast, and this one was a great interview. It seems like it was cut short however, almost ended mid-sentence. Was it over? Or did it just get cut at the wrong time?

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