Hack/Slash Ruserection #3

Hack/Slash Ruserection #3

We return with Hack/Slash Resurection #3 we had a bit of delay with the podcast due to personal reasons but check out our twitters for more information on why. Also dont forget to head over to Big Bad Toy Store online to preorder the Cassie Hack figure. If it dont get enough preorders it wont get made.

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All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and any distributor you can find podcasts. You can find us on twitter at @gothgirlhorror @chrisdsav. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at Music for this episode is provided by Monster Mob their song Hack/Slash. The Dr. Chris Radio of Horror Show Sunday nights at 10pm est. Please email us at

Goth Girl Horror: The Hack/Slash Podcast
Goth Girl Horror: The Hack/Slash Podcast
Hack/Slash Ruserection #3
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