Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders

Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders

Charsie and I take a break from the main book for a couple one shots and a mini series and first up is the Zombies vs Cheerleaders. Hope you all had a Happy New Year and we look forward to new episodes of the podcast in 2021

Publishing Date Jun 01, 2011

Cassie and Vlad go undercover at a Washington State high school to investigate the mysterious disappearance of several students. Hilarity and mayhem ensue as Cassie joins the cheerleading squad and Vlad gets recruited for the football team!

All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and you can find us on twitter at @gothgirlhorror @chrisdsav. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at The Dr.Chris Radio of Horror Show Sunday nights at 10pm est. Don’t forget to check out our new sponsor Doragon Ramen Noodles in Ashland Ma.

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Hack/Slash Meets Zombies vs. Cheerleaders

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