Hack/Slash #15-17

Hack/Slash #15-17

Tonight we explore the world of HP Lovecraft with this look at Cassie and Vlad Meet The Re-Animator story line as Cassie and Vlad finally track down her father, working alongside Herbert West. Ellie Christina joins me again for this episode of Lovecraftian Horror in 3 issues in one episode. We dedicate this episode to Stuart Gordan Director of the film Re-Animator.

Music is by Mad Monster Party and Corey, Music from the Re-Animator music is by Richard Band and The Rome Philharmonic Orchestra

All episodes are on iTunes Sticher and Google play and you can find us on twitter at @gothgirlhorror @chrisdsav. Check out the main show this podcast is connected too at The Dr.Chris Radio of Horror Show Sunday nights at 10pm est.

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Hack/Slash #15-17

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