Friday the 13th Ep 17&18: The Electrocutioner and Brain Drain

Friday the 13th Ep 17&18: The Electrocutioner and Brain Drain

Ep:17 An accused murderer sent to the electric chair, surprises and terrorizes everyone when he survives and seeks revenge.
Ep:18 Fatalities occur when a retarded man uses a cursed antique device that transfers intelligence from one person to another.

Welcome back to The Dead Tv Podcast. A podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. Hope every one is staying warm. We had some wacky weather here in New England now it feels like summer sometimes, It’s weird. Hope everyone is staying healthy and away from the flu.
We continue our coverage of Friday the 13th the series or Friday’s Curse as it was called in some other parts of the world as well as The Mystery of Friday and in Germany under the title Heirs to the Curse. (I like this title better)

This time we look at FRIDAY the 13th the series Episodes 17 & 18 Electrocutioner and Brain Drain. I your host Dr.Chris am joined by the amazing and talented Mistress Zeneca. We inch closer and closer to the end of the first season.
Original air dates for these episode are April 23, 1988 and April 30, 1988

Two episodes every other week we host The Dead Tv Podcast. This show has 3 seasons and is the longest show we ever had a chance to cover.
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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Friday the 13th Ep 17&18: The Electrocutioner and Brain Drain
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