Constantine Ep6: Rage of Caliban

Constantine Ep6: Rage of Caliban

IN this weeks episode which should have airs on Halloween but was pushed back due to the rearrangement of characters. John must set aside misgivings about exorcising a child when a malevolent spirit takes over a young boy.

Constantine original air date was November 28, 2014
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The Dead TV Podcast
Constantine Ep6: Rage of Caliban
Written by Chris

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One Comment

  1. Jess R.
    June 6, 2017 at 1:19 am

    I’m really loving going on this journey again with you guys. When I see you’ve talked about a new episode of Constantine I go and watch it on CWseed and then come and listen to your podcast while I cross stitch. It’s great watching the show and falling in love with this character all over again. I can’t wait to meet Matt Ryan in July!

    As a change of topic – Have you guys heard about/thought about doing a run of Pushing Daisies for the Dead T.V. Podcast? The show had two amazing seasons and, unfortunately, was a victim of the writer’s strike and ended up getting cancelled.

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