C&L Preview A Very Supernatural Christmas

C&L Preview A Very Supernatural Christmas

In the introduction episode of our new podcast Kat and I thought we should cover A Very Supernatural Christmas since its Christmas time as of this recording. This episode would take place during the short season 3.
Your hosts are Dr.Chris and Kat
Supernatural Creatures and Lore is recorded at WCUW studios in Worcester MA.

Supernatural Creatures and Lore
Supernatural Creatures and Lore
C&L Preview A Very Supernatural Christmas
Written by Chris

Writer and radio show host in Worcester Ma

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  1. Sari
    May 6, 2019 at 10:43 am

    I’m sure someone has already told you, but Black Peter is not Scandinavian. He the helper of Saint Nicholas, who is celebrated in the Netherlands, Belgium, northern France and Luxembourg, as well as Surinam and CuraƧao (former dutch colonies). Saint Nicholas is the original European version of who later became the Americanised Saint Nick, but Saint Nicholas and Black Peter have nothing to do with Christmas. Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children, whose name-day is celebrated on the 6th of December. Originally he was a Greek bishop of Myra, around 300 A.D.. Black Peter on the other hand, is younger, and is considered the helper or assistant to Saint Nicholas, who does carry a broom made of willow branches, but also gives out candy to children.
    This information is based not only on my own personal experience, being Dutch myself, but also from the most cursory of google searches. Please don’t generalise most of northern Europe as Scandinavia, when Black Peter as a tradition isn’t even celebrated in those parts.
    Thank you.

    • Chris
      May 6, 2019 at 9:23 pm

      We got out information from books and sources FROM GOOGLE. Lots of different information out there and no one was generlizing. Also this episode was about Krampus. Also its a tv show ans based on FICTION

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