C&L Episode 10: Asylum

C&L Episode 10: Asylum

Welcome to the 10th episode of Supernatural Creatures and Loree …ASYLUM. This is Season 1 Episode 9 for those of you tuning in. Episode original air date is November 22, 2005

My Co-host Kat was not able to join us for this episode but Actress Mel Heflin does step up to lend us a hand for this episode and the next one.
We talk about the things that can happen in an Asylum bad for both Men and Woman. This episode is not for the faint of heart. As well as some haunted Asylums too.
Also at the beginning I your host Dr.Chris talk about some suicide in the news and want people to know if yo suffer from depression there is help out there for you.

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Shout out to Jess-O-Lantern for supplying us with a theme song for our show once again. Her link s can be found below.
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Supernatural Creatures and Lore is recorded at the WCUW studios in Worcester MA.

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Supernatural Creatures and Lore
Supernatural Creatures and Lore
C&L Episode 10: Asylum
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