Alien Nation The Series Pilot with Guest Kenneth Johnson

Alien Nation The Series Pilot with Guest Kenneth Johnson

WELCOME to our true start to covering Alien Nation the Series. We kick it off with an amazing Review of the Pilot and a Interview with Kenneth Johnson the creator of Alien Nation, as well as V The Bionic Woman and The Incredible Hulk tv shows.

Airdate 9/18/1989 A bigoted human policeman in the L.A. of the future and his alien partner learn to live with each other’s differences while attempting to solve a drug conspiracy hidden in the subculture of Los Angeles’ newest immigrant population: extraterrestrials.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Alien Nation The Series Pilot with Guest Kenneth Johnson
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  1. John W
    November 20, 2022 at 11:38 pm

    When you were listing Gary Graham’s credits, I can’t believe you forgot to mention Robot Jox (1989). Imagine Pacific Rim mixed with Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots using stop-motion animation instead of CGI. Also starred Anne-Marie Johnson from The Heat of the Night TV show. It’s late 80’s cheesy Sci-Fi B-movie goodness.

    I hope there’s a chance, but I doubt it, to get an interview with Graham to talk about the show. Let’s just say, you probably would disagree with his politics. I’ll leave it at that.

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