Alien Nation Ep 15&16: Partners and Real Men

Alien Nation Ep 15&16: Partners and Real Men

We are back with two more episodes of Alien Nation the TV show here on the DEAD TV podcast

Air Date 2/12/90: George is suspended from the force when several grams of drugs go missing on his watch. An old mentor of Sikes’ returns. The Francisco family prepares for the Ejection, when the baby will transferred from Susan to George.

Airdate 2/19/90: Sikes and Francisco investigate possible steroid dealings at a gym. George must reconcile his and humanity’s conceptions of manhood while he is pregnant.

This is a podcast where we talk about Horror/Fantasy/Sci-fi shows that have been cancelled. We hope you enjoyed the coverage so far. Thanks to everyone who has found the Podcast recently. If you could leave a rating on iTunes, Sticher, Google Play, or Audible for us that would be great. Music from this episode is provided to us by Jess-O-Lantern. Please email us at

The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Alien Nation Ep 15&16: Partners and Real Men
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