Constantine Ep 13: Waiting for the Man

Constantine Ep 13: Waiting for the Man

Goodbye John we loved covering your show. Matt Ryan we cant wait to see what you do in the animated series on CW seed next year. This is last episode for the show Constantine. Its a comic book geek nirvana in this episode as John and and most of his crew (No Chaz) team up with Jim Corrigan Again. We do have a special episode of the podcast coming next week covering his appearance on Arrow and the JL Dark Movie.

Original Air Date for this episode was Air date: February 13, 2015 (A Friday the 13th in 2015 btw)

Detective Jim Corrigan asks John and Zed for help with a case involving a missing girl; Papa Midnite plots his revenge; the truth behind the rising darkness is revealed.

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Constantine Ep 13: Waiting for the Man
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