Constantine EP 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Constantine EP 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace

Winding down how much longer we have on Constantine as this is our 2nd to last episode for the show. Its a comic book geek nirvana in this episode as John and his crew must deal with the Justice League Villain Eclipso. This villain first appeared First appearance: ‎House of Secrets #61 and Created by‎: ‎Bob Haney‎ (writer) and ‎Lee Elias‎ (artist in Join Mistress Zeneca and I as we discuss the weird symbols that appear in this episode. Also find out how the University in this episode is connected to another great DC Hero. One that appears on another DC show.

Original Air Date for this episode was Air date: February 6, 2015

John asks Manny to help him investigate a mysterious attack at a hospital; a health issue prompts Zed to question her visions

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The Dead TV Podcast
The Dead TV Podcast
Constantine EP 12: Angels and Ministers of Grace
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