The End of Lost and 24
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The End of Lost and 24

Two shows I have followed for many years have at long last come to an end. I have watched every episode and stayed glued to my seat for every twist and turn of events. Now only one of these shows has anything to do with  what we cover on Radio of Horror. But I had to say something about these amazing shows one to never return and another with a story yet to tell.

Jack Bauer (played by Keifer Sutherland who has endured more torture than anyone else I know on tv) has saved the USA from terrorists plots over and over and over again. The show started in 2001 after 9/11 was on hiatus thru 2008 with  only a made for TV movie. When it returned we got two more seasons. Tonight the show ended, with Jack as a fugitive on the run from the law. He tried to bring to light a conspiracy that took the life of Rene Walker. We do have a 24 movie in the works for 2012, in the mean time we have to wonder what is going to happen next for Bauer. Many great characters, President David Palmer, Bill Bucanon, Chole Sullivan, Tony Almeda, Charles Logan and so many more. 24 changed tv in ways we may never see again. There had never been a show like it before. It will be greatly missed.

There had been shows with mythology type story lines before they came from great tv like the X-Files, this show had everything from great literature references to stuff about Star Wars. It was a show at times was very creepy but still fun to watch for it had humor in the most off beat places. A lot of people tried to follow the flashback flash forward upside-down world of the show. ( SPOILER ALERT The side ways universe was really Heaven.) In the Series finale Jack and the gang now filled with a sence of purpose decide to take down the Smoke Monster who’s been pretending to be John Locke since last season once and for all. We got the origins of Jacob and the Man in Black and Richard this season after much wait and anticipation. It was nice to see who the true choice was to protect the island, it makes sence in away you would have to understand after watching the show. Lost will have many questions to answer for years to come. A big dvd box set is coming out and it may just answer those questions we have been seeking. Check out the Lost unplugged videos on, they are hosted by a Muppet version of Dr. Peire Chang (Miles chang’s father)

Written by Chris

Writer and radio show host in Worcester Ma

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