Horror/Sci-fi TV shows March 2010
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Horror/Sci-fi TV shows March 2010

Lost–Lost has certainly returned with a big bang. Not only do we know who smokey the monster is we got more info on Ben’s temple and more insight to what would have happened if the plane never crashed. It certainly seems like everyone life would have been better. The show seems like a completely different setting than what we originally started with. Last nights episode was focused on Sayid and featured the return of Claire part 2. (Emily De Raven) was busy making a chic flick with sparkle man Robert Pattinson) She now has become Rouse the crazy french woman from season 1-4. With ten episodes left we are all anticipating the long-awaited answers to many questions still.

Supernatural— Unfortunatly not a lot to report about the show right now. We don’t get any new episodes till late this month. But issue 3 comes out next week. This story conts the events that led up to Sam leaving his Father and Brother and going to college. It’s worth checking out to get this back story fully explained. Part of this was told in the journal of John Winchester. The first 2 vols are in trade pick them up the art work may not be super but the story is well written and shows the depths a man will go thru to protect his sons.

Survivors–This british remake of a 1977 tv show is currently airing on BBC America. A super flu wiped out most of the human race its survivors have to deal with the horror of whats left behind and to cope with a world where there is no structure or law anymore. I have not caught this show yet but have heard good things. Lets hope its better than UKs last remake The Prisoner, which was so boring.

The Vampire Diaries—-Ugh still don’t watch it, only reason I would be because Kevin Williamson created based on the novel. HE is currently working on Scream 4.

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