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Dead Space was made for fans of films like Event Horizon or Alien in mind. Not since Resident Evil 4, Silant Hill 2,  or  Siren have I played a game that was true terror.  As the main character Isaac you go thru 12 levels of insanity trying to save yourself your crewmates and your gf from the creatures known as NecroMancers. The graphics in the game along with the sound and gameplay are all top-notch. Every time I played this it had to be on a bright Sunday afternoon. The game is that creepy!!!

Now  the first game is more like chapter 4 in whats become a 5 part storyline so far. Dead Space  has an animated film( which does not look nearly as good as the game but still a decent prequel) a comic and a Wii rail shooter. These all take place before the game on 360 and PS3. What exact order well thats really up to you. The very first moments of the Wii game and the Comic are the beginning then the movie and the rest of the events all seem to mesh to gether.  All 6 issues of the first comic are also on the Wii game. Image put out all the comics. The artwork is done by Ben Templesmith the artist and co-creator of 30 Days of Night. So its safe to assume he knows something about Horror.  The Wii game is really for the diehard fans but at the same time I never want to her someone say there are no good M rated games on the Wii thats Bull Shit. 

Now the 5th part of Dead Space 2 wont be out till 2011. We got our first look in last months Game Informer and the new X-box mag. You take control of Isaak and have to do battle with the Necromancers again. Image announced a tie-in comic again nd maybe another anime film hopefully. So far early screen shots look good. It’s just a shame we have to wait this long till it comes out. In the mean time you have 2 other games and a movie and 7 comics to read (there was a DS E comic also).  But go check out Aliens and Event Horizon for an original Horror movie in space story.

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