Arisia 2010
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Arisia 2010

Arisia 2010 has come and gone I would like to thank my good friend Jerome Connor for getting me involved in it last year. I would like to thank Dan Kimmel for getting me on the 2009  film in review panal. Big news from the people who brought u the Sci-Fi Film Festival come the Horror Film Festival. YAHHHHHHHHH

I got to see the Repo the Genetic Opera Play/movie thing that was cool. It was much better than the Buffy musical last year yuck. I got snubed by a friend ut made a great new one.  I ran into Chad from Thats Entertainment (my local comic book store) and the free lunch comic guys were great to have dinner with. I got to have Breakfast with Musical guest of honor SJ Tucker and her friend Persis got me a room to sleep in thanks so much. The other two panals I was on were lack luster at best.

BUT THE PARTIES were AWSOME . THey mod was great and it was fun to go to the parties with someone this year last year it was dull as hell. I got to watch two hours of old trailers that was a great flashback to the old days of cnema .  It was fun to see SJ Tuckers Concerts those were alot of fun. The second one was the best.  Well I hope to return to Arisia next year and to have as much fun as I did this year.

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