Horror/Sci-Fi TV Shows Jan 2010
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Horror/Sci-Fi TV Shows Jan 2010

Demons– A new show on BBC America. A teenage learns he is the long-lost great great grandson of  Abraham Van  Hellsing, and with the help of his god father the blind but immortal Mina Harker he must now take up arms against the forces of darkness. This show would have been call Van Hellsing but we have already got a movie and  Anime show with the same name.  It’s worth checking out on Sat nights and the theme song is kinda catchy. It will tide you over till Only Human returns this spring.

Superntural-After a month and a half break Sam and Dean return, this time they end of going to a crazy house to fight ghosts but almost go crazy themselves. As I have stated many times if you love horror then you will love this show. The first 4 se This is the last season of the show. Look for vol 3 of the comic coming later this month.

Caprica-The long-awaited prequel to Battle Star Gallactica picks up right where the movie that came out early this year left off. THe show is a little to artsy fartsy for a sci-fi show, I recommend this to only the real die-hard BSG fans. At some point the show is suppose to lead into the Cylon human war.

DollHouse-As we wind down these last few episodes, we at Radio of Horror want so desperately for this show to find hope on another network. The problem is so many networks are having problems with shows of their own. Once upon a time I would have said lets move it to Sci-Fi, but once they became SyFy and got taken over by a corporate bitch who knows what could happen. Joss Whedon stop going to Fox with your hit ideas.

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